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Concept Nucleic Acid Hybridization
Academic Article Transgenic mice with mu and kappa genes encoding antiphosphorylcholine antibodies.
Academic Article Expression of immunoglobulin and globin genes in B and T lymphocytes and other cells.
Academic Article Quantitation of immunoglobulin genes by nucleic acid hybridization with RNA from myeloma and spleen microsomes.
Academic Article Comparison of different rearranged immunoglobulin kappa genes of a myeloma by electronmicroscopy and restriction mapping of cloned DNA: implications for "allelic exclusion".
Academic Article Rearrangement of immunoglobulin genes.
Academic Article Analysis of immunoglobulin genes: DNA/RNA hybridization with immunoglobulin kappa-chain mRNA and isolation and translation of hybridized RNA.
Academic Article Direct demonstration of immunoglobulin kappa chain RNA in thymus T cells by in situ hybridization.
Academic Article Sequences related to immunoglobulin kappa chain messenger RNA in T cells.
Academic Article Immunoglobulin genes in DNA restriction fragments.
Academic Article Association of two different repetitive DNA elements near immunoglobulin light chain genes.
Academic Article Immunoglobulin messenger RNAs of T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Immunoglobulin mu- and gamma-ribonucleic acid sequences in thymocytes and splenocytes from normal and hyperimmune mice.
Academic Article Heterogeneity of the 3' portion of sequences related to immunoglobulin kappa-chain mRNA.
Academic Article RNA sequences homologous to the 3' portion of immunoglobulin alpha-chain mRNA in thymus-derived lymphocytes.
Academic Article Sequences of immunoglobulin lambda 1 genes in a lambda 1 defective mouse strain.
Academic Article Evolution of mouse immunoglobulin lambda genes.
Academic Article Physical linkage of the constant region genes for immunoglobulins lambda I and lambda III.
Academic Article Feedback inhibition of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement by membrane mu, but not by secreted mu heavy chains.
Academic Article Mapping of immunoglobulin variable region genes: relationship to the 'deletion' model of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement.
Academic Article Immunoglobulin synthesis by T cells: quantitative and qualitative aspects.
Academic Article Evidence for multiple immunoglobulin genes.
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