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Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 2
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 21
Concept Humans
Concept Human Genome Project
Concept Genome, Human
Concept Chromosomes, Human
Concept Chromosomes, Human, X
Academic Article Why is there so little intragenic linkage disequilibrium in humans?
Academic Article Adjusting the focus on human variation.
Academic Article Linkage disequilibrium in humans: models and data.
Academic Article Evidence for positive selection and population structure at the human MAO-A gene.
Academic Article Molecular evolution of FOXP2, a gene involved in speech and language.
Academic Article When did the human population size start increasing?
Academic Article Evidence for population growth in humans is confounded by fine-scale population structure.
Academic Article Loss of olfactory receptor genes coincides with the acquisition of full trichromatic vision in primates.
Academic Article Evidence for a complex demographic history of chimpanzees.
Academic Article The signature of positive selection at randomly chosen loci.
Academic Article The rise and fall of the chemoattractant receptor GPR33.
Academic Article A neutral explanation for the correlation of diversity with recombination rates in humans.
Academic Article How reliable are empirical genomic scans for selective sweeps?
Academic Article An evolutionary view of human recombination.
Academic Article Combining sperm typing and linkage disequilibrium analyses reveals differences in selective pressures or recombination rates across human populations.
Academic Article High-resolution mapping of crossovers reveals extensive variation in fine-scale recombination patterns among humans.
Academic Article Insights into recombination from patterns of linkage disequilibrium in humans.
Academic Article No effect of recombination on the efficacy of natural selection in primates.
Academic Article The timing of selection at the human FOXP2 gene.
Academic Article Broad-scale recombination patterns underlying proper disjunction in humans.
Academic Article Natural selection on genes that underlie human disease susceptibility.
Academic Article Classic selective sweeps were rare in recent human evolution.
Academic Article Fine-scale recombination patterns differ between chimpanzees and humans.
Academic Article Genetics. Motivating hotspots.
Academic Article PRDM9 is a major determinant of meiotic recombination hotspots in humans and mice.
Academic Article Evaluating the evidence for transmission distortion in human pedigrees.
Academic Article Genome-sequencing anniversary. The golden age of human population genetics.
Academic Article The case of the fickle fingers: how the PRDM9 zinc finger protein specifies meiotic recombination hotspots in humans.
Academic Article A fine-scale chimpanzee genetic map from population sequencing.
Academic Article Variation in human recombination rates and its genetic determinants.
Academic Article Absence of the TAP2 human recombination hotspot in chimpanzees.
Academic Article Multiple instances of ancient balancing selection shared between humans and chimpanzees.
Academic Article The convergent evolution of blue iris pigmentation in primates took distinct molecular paths.
Academic Article Different selective pressures shape the evolution of Toll-like receptors in human and African great ape populations.
Academic Article Footprints of ancient-balanced polymorphisms in genetic variation data from closely related species.
Academic Article Ancestry runs deeper than blood: the evolutionary history of ABO points to cryptic variation of functional importance.
Academic Article An estimate of the average number of recessive lethal mutations carried by humans.
Academic Article TroX: a new method to learn about the genesis of aneuploidy from trisomic products of conception.
Academic Article Non-crossover gene conversions show strong GC bias and unexpected clustering in humans.
Academic Article Determinants of mutation rate variation in the human germline.
Academic Article Variation in Rural African Gut Microbiota Is Strongly Correlated with Colonization by Entamoeba and Subsistence.
Academic Article Interpreting the Dependence of Mutation Rates on Age and Time.
Academic Article A genetic method for dating ancient genomes provides a direct estimate of human generation interval in the last 45,000 years.
Academic Article Variation in the molecular clock of primates.
Academic Article Human Germline Mutation and the Erratic Evolutionary Clock.
Academic Article Correction: The population genetics of human disease: The case of recessive, lethal mutations.
Academic Article Contrasting Determinants of Mutation Rates in Germline and Soma.
Academic Article The population genetics of human disease: The case of recessive, lethal mutations.
Academic Article Identifying genetic variants that affect viability in large cohorts.
Academic Article Measuring intolerance to mutation in human genetics.
Academic Article Overlooked roles of DNA damage and maternal age in generating human germline mutations.
Academic Article Signatures of replication timing, recombination, and sex in the spectrum of rare variants on the human X chromosome and autosomes.
Academic Article Large, three-generation human families reveal post-zygotic mosaicism and variability in germline mutation accumulation.
Academic Article Deconstructing the sources of genotype-phenotype associations in humans.
Academic Article Variable prediction accuracy of polygenic scores within an ancestry group.
Academic Article A comparison of humans and baboons suggests germline mutation rates do not track cell divisions.
Academic Article The evolution of group differences in changing environments.
Academic Article Impact of essential workers in the context of social distancing for epidemic control.
Academic Article Mutation saturation for fitness effects at human CpG sites.
Academic Article PRDM9 losses in vertebrates are coupled to those of paralogs ZCWPW1 and ZCWPW2.
Academic Article Lottery, luck, or legacy. A review of "The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA matters for social equality".
Academic Article A paternal bias in germline mutation is widespread in amniotes and can arise independently of cell division numbers.
Academic Article Relating pathogenic loss-of-function mutations in humans to their evolutionary fitness costs.
Academic Article Limited role of generation time changes in driving the evolution of the mutation spectrum in humans.
Grant Identifying human adaptations: theory and applications
Grant Mutation rate variation in primates
Grant Natural selection in recent human evolution
Academic Article Down the Penrose stairs, or how selection for fewer recombination hotspots maintains their existence.
Academic Article 2023 ASHG Scientific Achievement Award.
Academic Article The clock-like accumulation of germline and somatic mutations can arise from the interplay of DNA damage and repair.
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