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Concept Recombination, Genetic
Concept Homologous Recombination
Academic Article Recombination and the frequency spectrum in Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila simulans.
Academic Article Why is there so little intragenic linkage disequilibrium in humans?
Academic Article Linkage disequilibrium in humans: models and data.
Academic Article Evidence for positive selection and population structure at the human MAO-A gene.
Academic Article When did the human population size start increasing?
Academic Article A genome-wide departure from the standard neutral model in natural populations of Drosophila.
Academic Article Regions of lower crossing over harbor more rare variants in African populations of Drosophila melanogaster.
Academic Article Evidence for a complex demographic history of chimpanzees.
Academic Article A neutral explanation for the correlation of diversity with recombination rates in humans.
Academic Article A new approach to estimate parameters of speciation models with application to apes.
Academic Article An evolutionary view of human recombination.
Academic Article Combining sperm typing and linkage disequilibrium analyses reveals differences in selective pressures or recombination rates across human populations.
Academic Article High-resolution mapping of crossovers reveals extensive variation in fine-scale recombination patterns among humans.
Academic Article Insights into recombination from patterns of linkage disequilibrium in humans.
Academic Article No effect of recombination on the efficacy of natural selection in primates.
Academic Article Broad-scale recombination patterns underlying proper disjunction in humans.
Academic Article Classic selective sweeps were rare in recent human evolution.
Academic Article Fine-scale recombination patterns differ between chimpanzees and humans.
Academic Article Genetics. Motivating hotspots.
Academic Article PRDM9 is a major determinant of meiotic recombination hotspots in humans and mice.
Academic Article The case of the fickle fingers: how the PRDM9 zinc finger protein specifies meiotic recombination hotspots in humans.
Academic Article A fine-scale chimpanzee genetic map from population sequencing.
Academic Article Variation in human recombination rates and its genetic determinants.
Academic Article Estimating the time since the fixation of a beneficial allele.
Academic Article Absence of the TAP2 human recombination hotspot in chimpanzees.
Academic Article Directional positive selection on an allele of arbitrary dominance.
Academic Article Stable recombination hotspots in birds.
Academic Article Repeated losses of PRDM9-directed recombination despite the conservation of PRDM9 across vertebrates.
Academic Article Natural selection interacts with recombination to shape the evolution of hybrid genomes.
Academic Article Signatures of replication timing, recombination, and sex in the spectrum of rare variants on the human X chromosome and autosomes.
Academic Article PRDM9 losses in vertebrates are coupled to those of paralogs ZCWPW1 and ZCWPW2.
Grant Recombination rate variation and evolution in vertebrates
Academic Article Patterns of recombination in snakes reveal a tug of war between PRDM9 and promoter-like features.
Academic Article Down the Penrose stairs, or how selection for fewer recombination hotspots maintains their existence.
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