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Concept Selection, Genetic
Academic Article Adjusting the focus on human variation.
Academic Article Linkage disequilibrium in humans: models and data.
Academic Article Evidence for positive selection and population structure at the human MAO-A gene.
Academic Article Molecular evolution of FOXP2, a gene involved in speech and language.
Academic Article A genome-wide departure from the standard neutral model in natural populations of Drosophila.
Academic Article The signature of positive selection at randomly chosen loci.
Academic Article The signature of positive selection on standing genetic variation.
Academic Article How reliable are empirical genomic scans for selective sweeps?
Academic Article An evolutionary view of human recombination.
Academic Article Combining sperm typing and linkage disequilibrium analyses reveals differences in selective pressures or recombination rates across human populations.
Academic Article No effect of recombination on the efficacy of natural selection in primates.
Academic Article The timing of selection at the human FOXP2 gene.
Academic Article Pervasive natural selection in the Drosophila genome?
Academic Article Natural selection on genes that underlie human disease susceptibility.
Academic Article Classic selective sweeps were rare in recent human evolution.
Academic Article A population genetics-phylogenetics approach to inferring natural selection in coding sequences.
Academic Article Revisiting an old riddle: what determines genetic diversity levels within species?
Academic Article Genealogies and weak purifying selection.
Academic Article Testing models of selection and demography in Drosophila simulans.
Academic Article Estimating the time since the fixation of a beneficial allele.
Academic Article Directional positive selection on an allele of arbitrary dominance.
Academic Article Shifts in the intensity of purifying selection: an analysis of genome-wide polymorphism data from two closely related yeast species.
Academic Article Multiple instances of ancient balancing selection shared between humans and chimpanzees.
Academic Article Different selective pressures shape the evolution of Toll-like receptors in human and African great ape populations.
Academic Article Ancestry runs deeper than blood: the evolutionary history of ABO points to cryptic variation of functional importance.
Academic Article Evolutionary history inferred from the de novo assembly of a nonmodel organism, the blue-eyed black lemur.
Academic Article Natural selection interacts with recombination to shape the evolution of hybrid genomes.
Academic Article The population genetics of human disease: The case of recessive, lethal mutations.
Academic Article Identifying genetic variants that affect viability in large cohorts.
Academic Article Measuring intolerance to mutation in human genetics.
Academic Article The evolution of group differences in changing environments.

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