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Concept Hospitalization
Academic Article Perspective and the measurement of costs and benefits for cost-effectiveness analysis in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Hospital care of general medicine patients: the importance of evidence.
Academic Article Evaluating resident duty hour reforms: more work to do.
Academic Article Association of communication between hospital-based physicians and primary care providers with patient outcomes.
Academic Article Ability of hospitalized patients to identify their in-hospital physicians.
Academic Article Relationship between quality of care and functional decline in hospitalized vulnerable elders.
Academic Article U.S. trends in hospitalization and generalist physician workforce and the emergence of hospitalists.
Academic Article Economic implications of nighttime attending intensivist coverage in a medical intensive care unit.
Academic Article The validity of International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification diagnosis codes for identifying patients hospitalized for COPD exacerbations.
Academic Article Financial responsibility of hospitalized patients who left against medical advice: medical urban legend?
Academic Article Use of a self-report-generated Charlson Comorbidity Index for predicting mortality.
Academic Article Factors associated with discussion of care plans and code status at the time of hospital admission: results from the Multicenter Hospitalist Study.
Academic Article Derivation of a cardiac arrest prediction model using ward vital signs*.
Academic Article Using assessing care of vulnerable elders quality indicators to measure quality of hospital care for vulnerable elders.
Academic Article The Curriculum for the Hospitalized Aging Medical Patient program: a collaborative faculty development program for hospitalists, general internists, and geriatricians.
Academic Article Influence of language barriers on outcomes of hospital care for general medicine inpatients.
Academic Article Noise and sleep among adult medical inpatients: far from a quiet night.
Academic Article Pain and satisfaction with pain control in hospitalized medical patients: no such thing as low risk.
Academic Article Perceived control and sleep in hospitalized older adults: a sound hypothesis?
Academic Article A text messaging intervention to improve heart failure self-management after hospital discharge in a largely African-American population: before-after study.
Academic Article Association of patient preferences for participation in decision making with length of stay and costs among hospitalized patients.
Academic Article Co-management between hospitalist and hepatologist improves the quality of care of inpatients with chronic liver disease.
Academic Article Insights into inpatients with poor vision: A high value proposition.
Academic Article More than meets the eye: relationship between low health literacy and poor vision in hospitalized patients.
Academic Article A patient-centered research agenda for the care of the acutely ill older patient.
Academic Article Redesigning care for patients at increased hospitalization risk: the Comprehensive Care Physician model.
Academic Article Daytime Physical Activity and Sleep in Hospitalized Older Adults: Association with Demographic Characteristics and Disease Severity.
Academic Article Hospitalized patients frequently unaware of their chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Applying Classification Trees to Hospital Administrative Data to Identify Patients with Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding.
Academic Article Intensive Care Unit Admission With Community-Acquired Pneumonia.
Academic Article Patient Perceptions of Wearable Face-Mounted Computing Technology and the Effect on the Doctor-Patient Relationship.
Academic Article Association of Increasing Use of Mechanical Ventilation Among Nursing Home Residents With Advanced Dementia and Intensive Care Unit Beds.
Academic Article Individualized cost-effectiveness analysis of patient-centered care: a case series of hospitalized patient preferences departing from practice-based guidelines.
Academic Article Association Between Inpatient Sleep Loss and Hyperglycemia of Hospitalization.
Academic Article Using clinical data to predict high-cost performance coding issues associated with pressure ulcers: a multilevel cohort model.
Academic Article Screening Hospitalized Patients for Low Health Literacy: Beyond the REALM of Possibility?
Academic Article Association of Physician Specialty with Hospice Referral for Hospitalized Nursing Home Patients with Advanced Dementia.
Academic Article Risk of Social Isolation among Older Patients: What Factors Affect the Availability of Family, Friends, and Neighbors upon Hospitalization?
Academic Article Association Between Anemia and Fatigue in Hospitalized Patients: Does the Measure of Anemia Matter?
Academic Article The Relative Ability of Comorbidity Ascertainment Methodologies to Predict In-Hospital Mortality Among Hospitalized Community-acquired Pneumonia Patients.
Academic Article Analysis of comprehensive pharmacogenomic profiling to impact in-hospital prescribing.
Academic Article Simulation-based optimization to improve hospital patient assignment to physicians and clinical units.
Academic Article Implementing Physical Distancing in the Hospital: A Key Strategy to Prevent Nosocomial Transmission of COVID-19.
Academic Article Evaluating the Need to Address Digital Literacy Among Hospitalized Patients: Cross-Sectional Observational Study.
Academic Article Prevalence and Persistence of Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence Among Medicare Beneficiaries at High Risk of Hospitalization.
Academic Article Primary care physician involvement during hospitalisation: a qualitative analysis of perspectives from frequently hospitalised patients.
Academic Article Applicability of Pharmacogenomically Guided Medication Treatment during Hospitalization of At-Risk Minority Patients.
Grant Effects of Hospitalists in Medicare Data
Academic Article Prevalence and persistence of cost-related medication non-adherence before and during the COVID-19 pandemic among medicare patients at high risk of hospitalization.
Academic Article Reducing Physical Therapy Consults for Patients With High Functional Mobility in the Acute Medical Inpatient Setting: A Difference-in-Difference Analysis.
Grant Defragmenting Care for Patients at Increased Risk of Hospitalization: A Conference on Comprehensive Care
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