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Academic Article Three metal ions at the active site of the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme.
Academic Article Aminoacyl esterase activity of the Tetrahymena ribozyme.
Academic Article Structures of normal single-stranded DNA and deoxyribo-3'-S-phosphorothiolates bound to the 3'-5' exonucleolytic active site of DNA polymerase I from Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Leaving group stabilization by metal ion coordination and hydrogen bond donation is an evolutionarily conserved feature of group I introns.
Academic Article Active site constraints in the hydrolysis reaction catalyzed by bacterial RNase P: analysis of precursor tRNAs with a single 3'-S-phosphorothiolate internucleotide linkage.
Academic Article Metal ion catalysis during the exon-ligation step of nuclear pre-mRNA splicing: extending the parallels between the spliceosome and group II introns.
Academic Article Investigation of the proposed interdomain ribose zipper in hairpin ribozyme cleavage using 2'-modified nucleosides.
Academic Article Identification of an active site ligand for a group I ribozyme catalytic metal ion.
Academic Article A second divalent metal ion in the group II intron reaction center.
Academic Article Structure and function converge to identify a hydrogen bond in a group I ribozyme active site.
Academic Article The electrostatic character of the ribosomal surface enables extraordinarily rapid target location by ribotoxins.
Academic Article Syntheses of (2')3'-15N-amino-(2')3'-deoxyguanosine and determination of their pKa values by 15N NMR spectroscopy.
Academic Article Linkage between substrate recognition and catalysis during cleavage of sarcin/ricin loop RNA by restrictocin.
Academic Article The ribotoxin restrictocin recognizes its RNA substrate by selective engagement of active site residues.
Academic Article The mechanism of peptidyl transfer catalysis by the ribosome.
Academic Article Tightening of active site interactions en route to the transition state revealed by single-atom substitution in the guanosine-binding site of the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme.
Academic Article Modulation of individual steps in group I intron catalysis by a peripheral metal ion.
Academic Article Kinetic characterization of the second step of group II intron splicing: role of metal ions and the cleavage site 2'-OH in catalysis.
Academic Article Functional identification of catalytic metal ion binding sites within RNA.
Academic Article Electrostatic interactions guide the active site face of a structure-specific ribonuclease to its RNA substrate.
Academic Article A rearrangement of the guanosine-binding site establishes an extended network of functional interactions in the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme active site.
Academic Article A portable RNA sequence whose recognition by a synthetic antibody facilitates structural determination.
Academic Article Isoform-specific monobody inhibitors of small ubiquitin-related modifiers engineered using structure-guided library design.
Academic Article A G-quadruplex-containing RNA activates fluorescence in a GFP-like fluorophore.
Academic Article Effect of Zn2+ binding and enzyme active site on the transition state for RNA 2'-O-transphosphorylation interpreted through kinetic isotope effects.
Academic Article Laboratory evolution of artificially expanded DNA gives redesignable aptamers that target the toxic form of anthrax protective antigen.
Academic Article Structural basis for activation of fluorogenic dyes by an RNA aptamer lacking a G-quadruplex motif.
Academic Article Structural Basis for Fluorescence Activation by Pepper RNA.
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