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Concept Adenosine Triphosphate
Concept RNA Ligase (ATP)
Concept RNA Precursors
Concept RNA, Fungal
Concept RNA, Transfer, Amino Acyl
Concept RNA, Transfer, Met
Concept Polynucleotide Ligases
Concept DNA Ligases
Concept RNA-Directed DNA Polymerase
Concept RNA, Bacterial
Concept RNA, Viral
Concept RNA Probes
Concept RNA Splicing
Concept RNA
Concept DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases
Concept RNA Processing, Post-Transcriptional
Concept RNA, Transfer
Concept RNA Splice Sites
Concept RNA, Catalytic
Concept RNA-Binding Proteins
Concept RNA Cleavage
Concept RNA Helicases
Concept RNA Caps
Concept RNA, Messenger
Concept Regulatory Sequences, Ribonucleic Acid
Concept RNA, Plant
Concept RNA, Untranslated
Concept RNA Folding
Concept DEAD-box RNA Helicases
Concept Ligases
Concept RNA, Small Nuclear
Concept RNA, Protozoan
Academic Article RNA catalysis by a group I ribozyme. Developing a model for transition state stabilization.
Academic Article Metal ion catalysis in the Tetrahymena ribozyme reaction.
Academic Article Three metal ions at the active site of the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme.
Academic Article Synthesis of 3'-thioribonucleosides and their incorporation into oligoribonucleotides via phosphoramidite chemistry.
Academic Article A new metal ion interaction in the Tetrahymena ribozyme reaction revealed by double sulfur substitution.
Academic Article Aminoacyl esterase activity of the Tetrahymena ribozyme.
Academic Article Metal ion catalysis during splicing of premessenger RNA.
Academic Article Abortive products as initiating nucleotides during transcription by T7 RNA polymerase.
Academic Article Leaving group stabilization by metal ion coordination and hydrogen bond donation is an evolutionarily conserved feature of group I introns.
Academic Article The role of the cleavage site 2'-hydroxyl in the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme reaction.
Academic Article Metal ion catalysis during group II intron self-splicing: parallels with the spliceosome.
Academic Article Active site constraints in the hydrolysis reaction catalyzed by bacterial RNase P: analysis of precursor tRNAs with a single 3'-S-phosphorothiolate internucleotide linkage.
Academic Article Metal ion catalysis during the exon-ligation step of nuclear pre-mRNA splicing: extending the parallels between the spliceosome and group II introns.
Academic Article Investigation of the proposed interdomain ribose zipper in hairpin ribozyme cleavage using 2'-modified nucleosides.
Academic Article Enzymatic incorporation of a new base pair into DNA and RNA extends the genetic alphabet.
Academic Article A C-nucleotide base pair: methylpseudouridine-directed incorporation of formycin triphosphate into RNA catalyzed by T7 RNA polymerase.
Academic Article Identification of an active site ligand for a group I ribozyme catalytic metal ion.
Academic Article Synthesis of the phosphoramidite derivatives of 2'-deoxy-2'-C-alpha-methylcytidine and 2'-deoxy-2'-C-alpha-hydroxymethylcytidine: analogues for chemical dissection of RNA's 2'-hydroxyl group.
Academic Article The tetrahymena ribozyme cleaves a 5'-methylene phosphonate monoester approximately 10(2)-fold faster than a normal phosphate diester: implications for enzyme catalysis of phosphoryl transfer reactions.
Academic Article A packing-density metric for exploring the interior of folded RNA molecules.
Academic Article Synthesis of 2'-C-difluoromethylribonucleosides and their enzymatic incorporation into oligonucleotides.
Academic Article Synthesis of 2'-C-alpha-(hydroxyalkyl) and 2'-C-alpha-alkylcytidine phosphoramidites: analogues for probing solvent interactions with RNA.
Academic Article A second divalent metal ion in the group II intron reaction center.
Academic Article General acid catalysis by the hepatitis delta virus ribozyme.
Academic Article 2'-mercaptonucleotide interference reveals regions of close packing within folded RNA molecules.
Academic Article A systematic, ligation-based approach to study RNA modifications.
Academic Article 'Turning on' riboswitches to their antibacterial potential.
Academic Article Synthetic antibodies for specific recognition and crystallization of structured RNA.
Academic Article Identification of recognition residues for ligation-based detection and quantitation of pseudouridine and N6-methyladenosine.
Academic Article Synthesis and biochemical application of 2'-O-methyl-3'-thioguanosine as a probe to explore group I intron catalysis.
Academic Article Evidence for the importance of electrostatics in the function of two distinct families of ribosome inactivating toxins.
Academic Article Identification of catalytic metal ion ligands in ribozymes.
Academic Article Structure and function converge to identify a hydrogen bond in a group I ribozyme active site.
Academic Article Ribozyme-catalyzed and nonenzymatic reactions of phosphate diesters: rate effects upon substitution of sulfur for a nonbridging phosphoryl oxygen atom.
Academic Article Crystal structure of the catalytic core of an RNA-polymerase ribozyme.
Academic Article Nucleotide analogues to investigate RNA structure and function.
Academic Article Nucleobase-mediated general acid-base catalysis in the Varkud satellite ribozyme.
Academic Article Kinetic isotope effects for RNA cleavage by 2'-O- transphosphorylation: nucleophilic activation by specific base.
Academic Article The mechanism of RNA strand scission: an experimental measure of the Brønsted coefficient, beta nuc.
Academic Article Syntheses of (2')3'-15N-amino-(2')3'-deoxyguanosine and determination of their pKa values by 15N NMR spectroscopy.
Academic Article 2'-amino-modified ribonucleotides as probes for local interactions within RNA.
Academic Article Linkage between substrate recognition and catalysis during cleavage of sarcin/ricin loop RNA by restrictocin.
Academic Article Biochemistry. Toward understanding self-splicing.
Academic Article Functional identification of ligands for a catalytic metal ion in group I introns.
Academic Article A general and efficient approach for the construction of RNA oligonucleotides containing a 5'-phosphorothiolate linkage.
Academic Article Thermodynamic evidence for negative charge stabilization by a catalytic metal ion within an RNA active site.
Academic Article The ribotoxin restrictocin recognizes its RNA substrate by selective engagement of active site residues.
Academic Article The mechanism of peptidyl transfer catalysis by the ribosome.
Academic Article Synthesis of 2'-N-methylamino-2'-deoxyguanosine and 2'-N,N-dimethylamino-2'-deoxyguanosine and their incorporation into RNA by phosphoramidite chemistry.
Academic Article Characterization of the reaction path and transition states for RNA transphosphorylation models from theory and experiment.
Academic Article Automated solid-phase synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides containing a nonbridging phosphorodithioate linkage via phosphorothioamidites.
Academic Article Tightening of active site interactions en route to the transition state revealed by single-atom substitution in the guanosine-binding site of the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme.
Academic Article Natural selection, protein engineering, and the last riboorganism: rational model building in biochemistry.
Academic Article Metal-ion rescue revisited: biochemical detection of site-bound metal ions important for RNA folding.
Academic Article 2'-Fluoro substituents can mimic native 2'-hydroxyls within structured RNA.
Academic Article Recognition of guanosine by dissimilar tRNA methyltransferases.
Academic Article Crystal structure of an RNA polymerase ribozyme in complex with an antibody fragment.
Academic Article Origin of life. RNA seeks its maker.
Academic Article Modulation of individual steps in group I intron catalysis by a peripheral metal ion.
Academic Article The DEAH box ATPases Prp16 and Prp43 cooperate to proofread 5' splice site cleavage during pre-mRNA splicing.
Academic Article Separation of RNA phosphorothioate oligonucleotides by HPLC.
Academic Article Kinetic characterization of the second step of group II intron splicing: role of metal ions and the cleavage site 2'-OH in catalysis.
Academic Article Defining the catalytic metal ion interactions in the Tetrahymena ribozyme reaction.
Academic Article New strategies for exploring RNA's 2'-OH expose the importance of solvent during group II intron catalysis.
Academic Article Functional identification of catalytic metal ion binding sites within RNA.
Academic Article Structural inference of native and partially folded RNA by high-throughput contact mapping.
Academic Article The 2'-hydroxyl group of the guanosine nucleophile donates a functionally important hydrogen bond in the tetrahymena ribozyme reaction.
Academic Article Electrostatic interactions guide the active site face of a structure-specific ribonuclease to its RNA substrate.
Academic Article Synthesis of pyridine, pyrimidine and pyridinone C-nucleoside phosphoramidites for probing cytosine function in RNA.
Academic Article A rearrangement of the guanosine-binding site establishes an extended network of functional interactions in the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme active site.
Academic Article A portable RNA sequence whose recognition by a synthetic antibody facilitates structural determination.
Academic Article Synthesis, properties, and applications of oligonucleotides containing an RNA dinucleotide phosphorothiolate linkage.
Academic Article Chemical origins of life: Prebiotic RNA unstuck.
Academic Article A G-quadruplex-containing RNA activates fluorescence in a GFP-like fluorophore.
Academic Article Altered (transition) states: mechanisms of solution and enzyme catalyzed RNA 2'-O-transphosphorylation.
Academic Article Experimental and computational analysis of the transition state for ribonuclease A-catalyzed RNA 2'-O-transphosphorylation.
Academic Article Origins of life: RNA made in its own mirror image.
Academic Article Spinach RNA aptamer detects lead(II) with high selectivity.
Academic Article Synthesis of 2'-O-photocaged ribonucleoside phosphoramidites.
Academic Article RNA catalyses nuclear pre-mRNA splicing.
Academic Article Synthesis and incorporation of the phosphoramidite derivative of 2'-O-photocaged 3'-s-thioguanosine into oligoribonucleotides: substrate for probing the mechanism of RNA catalysis.
Academic Article Evidence for a group II intron-like catalytic triplex in the spliceosome.
Academic Article Determination of hepatitis delta virus ribozyme N(-1) nucleobase and functional group specificity using internal competition kinetics.
Academic Article Transition State Features in the Hepatitis Delta Virus Ribozyme Reaction Revealed by Atomic Perturbations.
Academic Article A Crystal Structure of a Functional RNA Molecule Containing an Artificial Nucleobase Pair.
Academic Article Integration of kinetic isotope effect analyses to elucidate ribonuclease mechanism.
Academic Article Effect of Zn2+ binding and enzyme active site on the transition state for RNA 2'-O-transphosphorylation interpreted through kinetic isotope effects.
Academic Article Crystal structure of the Varkud satellite ribozyme.
Academic Article An active site rearrangement within the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme releases nonproductive interactions and allows formation of catalytic interactions.
Academic Article Isotope effect analyses provide evidence for an altered transition state for RNA 2'-O-transphosphorylation catalyzed by Zn(2+).
Academic Article Reverse transcriptases lend a hand in splicing catalysis.
Academic Article Specific Recognition of a Single-Stranded RNA Sequence by a Synthetic Antibody Fragment.
Academic Article Drug conjugated nanoparticles activated by cancer cell specific mRNA.
Academic Article RNA-Puzzles Round III: 3D RNA structure prediction of five riboswitches and one ribozyme.
Academic Article Synthesizing topological structures containing RNA.
Academic Article Structural Basis for Substrate Helix Remodeling and Cleavage Loop Activation in the Varkud Satellite Ribozyme.
Academic Article Structural basis for activation of fluorogenic dyes by an RNA aptamer lacking a G-quadruplex motif.
Academic Article Evidence That Nucleophile Deprotonation Exceeds Bond Formation in the HDV Ribozyme Transition State.
Academic Article Kinetic Isotope Effect Analysis of RNA 2'-O-Transphosphorylation.
Academic Article Affinity maturation of a portable Fab-RNA module for chaperone-assisted RNA crystallography.
Academic Article Hachimoji DNA and RNA: A genetic system with eight building blocks.
Academic Article An Ontology for Facilitating Discussion of Catalytic Strategies of RNA-Cleaving Enzymes.
Academic Article A conserved RNA structural motif for organizing topology within picornaviral internal ribosome entry sites.
Academic Article The L-platform/L-scaffold framework: a blueprint for RNA-cleaving nucleic acid enzyme design.
Academic Article Synthetic Antibody Binding to a Preorganized RNA Domain of Hepatitis C Virus Internal Ribosome Entry Site Inhibits Translation.
Academic Article Evidence for a Catalytic Strategy to Promote Nucleophile Activation in Metal-Dependent RNA-Cleaving Ribozymes and 8-17 DNAzyme.
Academic Article Branched kissing loops for the construction of diverse RNA homooligomeric nanostructures.
Academic Article Confluence of theory and experiment reveals the catalytic mechanism of the Varkud satellite ribozyme.
Academic Article The Positively Charged Active Site of the Bacterial Toxin RelE Causes a Large Shift in the General Base pKa.
Academic Article The hammerhead self-cleaving motif as a precursor to complex endonucleolytic ribozymes.
Academic Article The SARS-CoV-2 Programmed -1 Ribosomal Frameshifting Element Crystal Structure Solved to 2.09 Å Using Chaperone-Assisted RNA Crystallography.
Academic Article Synthesis of Oligoribonucleotides Containing a 2'-Amino-5'-S-phosphorothiolate Linkage.
Academic Article Structures of artificially designed discrete RNA nanoarchitectures at near-atomic resolution.
Academic Article Structural basis for substrate binding and catalysis by a self-alkylating ribozyme.
Academic Article Sub-3-Å cryo-EM structure of RNA enabled by engineered homomeric self-assembly.
Academic Article Structural Basis for Fluorescence Activation by Pepper RNA.
Academic Article Dissociative Transition State in Hepatitis Delta Virus Ribozyme Catalysis.
Concept RNA Splicing Factors
Academic Article Rapid Kinetics of Pistol Ribozyme: Insights into Limits to RNA Catalysis.
Academic Article A general and efficient approach to synthesize the phosphoramidites of 5'-18O labeled purine nucleosides.
Academic Article Crystal structure of a cap-independent translation enhancer RNA.
Academic Article Unraveling RNA Conformation Dynamics in Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy, Lactic Acidosis, and Stroke-like Episode Syndrome with Solid-State Nanopores.
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