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Concept Antigen-Antibody Complex
Concept Antigen-Presenting Cells
Concept Gene Rearrangement, beta-Chain T-Cell Antigen Receptor
Concept HLA-A2 Antigen
Concept Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell, gamma-delta
Concept T-Cell Antigen Receptor Specificity
Concept Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell, alpha-beta
Concept Antigen Presentation
Concept B7-1 Antigen
Concept B7-H1 Antigen
Concept CTLA-4 Antigen
Concept CD11b Antigen
Concept Antigen-Antibody Reactions
Concept Carcinoembryonic Antigen
Concept Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell
Academic Article A tumor escape variant that has lost one major histocompatibility complex class I restriction element induces specific CD8+ T cells to an antigen that no longer serves as a target.
Academic Article DNA sequence analysis of T-cell receptor genes reveals an oligoclonal T-cell response to a tumor with multiple target antigens.
Academic Article Antigenic cancer cells grow progressively in immune hosts without evidence for T cell exhaustion or systemic anergy.
Academic Article Immunodominance deters the response to other tumor antigens thereby favoring escape: prevention by vaccination with tumor variants selected with cloned cytolytic T cells in vitro.
Academic Article The immunodominant antigen of an ultraviolet-induced regressor tumor is generated by a somatic point mutation in the DEAD box helicase p68.
Academic Article Establishment of an HLA-A*0201 human papillomavirus type 16 tumor model to determine the efficacy of vaccination strategies in HLA-A*0201 transgenic mice.
Academic Article Complementary role of CD4+ T cells and secondary lymphoid tissues for cross-presentation of tumor antigen to CD8+ T cells.
Academic Article Tumor immunity meets autoimmunity: antigen levels and dendritic cell maturation.
Academic Article A new murine tumor model for studying HLA-A2-restricted anti-tumor immunity.
Academic Article The terminology issue for myeloid-derived suppressor cells.
Academic Article Mechanism of tumor rejection in anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody-treated mice.
Academic Article Induced sensitization of tumor stroma leads to eradication of established cancer by T cells.
Academic Article Ribosomal versus non-ribosomal cellular antigens: factors determining efficiency of indirect presentation to CD4+ T cells.
Academic Article A mutant chaperone converts a wild-type protein into a tumor-specific antigen.
Academic Article Antibody recognition of a unique tumor-specific glycopeptide antigen.
Academic Article Long-term persistence of CD4(+) but rapid disappearance of CD8(+) T cells expressing an MHC class I-restricted TCR of nanomolar affinity.
Academic Article Cancer. Quo vadis, specificity?
Academic Article Progression of cancer from indolent to aggressive despite antigen retention and increased expression of interferon-gamma inducible genes.
Academic Article IFN-gamma- and TNF-dependent bystander eradication of antigen-loss variants in established mouse cancers.
Academic Article Rapid destruction of the tumor microenvironment by CTLs recognizing cancer-specific antigens cross-presented by stromal cells.
Academic Article Antigenic cancer cells that escape immune destruction are stimulated by host cells.
Academic Article Recurrence of intracranial tumors following adoptive T cell therapy can be prevented by direct and indirect killing aided by high levels of tumor antigen cross-presented on stromal cells.
Academic Article Floxed reporter genes: Flow-cytometric selection of clonable cells expressing high levels of a target gene after tamoxifen-regulated Cre-loxP recombination.
Academic Article A unique tumor antigen produced by a single amino acid substitution.
Academic Article Identification of a gene encoding a tumor-specific antigen that causes tumor rejection.
Academic Article Specific detection of carcinoembryonic antigen-expressing tumor cells in bone marrow aspirates by polymerase chain reaction.
Academic Article [CA 12-5 in cancer of the digestive tract. A comparison with CA 19-9 and CEA in cancer of the pancreas and colon].
Academic Article Animals bearing malignant grafts reject normal grafts that express through gene transfer the same antigen.
Academic Article Increasing tumor antigen expression overcomes "ignorance" to solid tumors via crosspresentation by bone marrow-derived stromal cells.
Academic Article Bystander elimination of antigen loss variants in established tumors.
Academic Article Major histocompatibility complex class I and unique antigen expression by murine tumors that escaped from CD8+ T-cell-dependent surveillance.
Academic Article In vivo administration of anti-CD3 prevents malignant progressor tumor growth.
Academic Article Tumors with reduced expression of a cytotoxic T lymphocyte recognized antigen lack immunogenicity but retain sensitivity to lysis by cytotoxic T lymphocytes.
Academic Article IL-15 in tumor microenvironment causes rejection of large established tumors by T cells in a noncognate T cell receptor-dependent manner.
Academic Article Relapse or eradication of cancer is predicted by peptide-major histocompatibility complex affinity.
Academic Article MHC-class I-restricted CD4 T cells: a nanomolar affinity TCR has improved anti-tumor efficacy in vivo compared to the micromolar wild-type TCR.
Academic Article Design and characterization of a protein superagonist of IL-15 fused with IL-15Ra and a high-affinity T cell receptor.
Academic Article Adoptively transferred immune T cells eradicate established tumors despite cancer-induced immune suppression.
Academic Article Dual blockade of PD-1 and CTLA-4 combined with tumor vaccine effectively restores T-cell rejection function in tumors--letter.
Academic Article Antigen-specific bacterial vaccine combined with anti-PD-L1 rescues dysfunctional endogenous T cells to reject long-established cancer.
Academic Article Targeting cancer-specific mutations by T cell receptor gene therapy.
Academic Article Eradication of Large Solid Tumors by Gene Therapy with a T-Cell Receptor Targeting a Single Cancer-Specific Point Mutation.
Academic Article Engineered CAR T Cells Targeting the Cancer-Associated Tn-Glycoform of the Membrane Mucin MUC1 Control Adenocarcinoma.
Academic Article A sensitivity scale for targeting T cells with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) and bispecific T-cell Engagers (BiTEs).
Academic Article Transfer of Allogeneic CD4+ T Cells Rescues CD8+ T Cells in Anti-PD-L1-Resistant Tumors Leading to Tumor Eradication.
Academic Article TCR-pMHC bond conformation controls TCR ligand discrimination.
Academic Article Neoadjuvant PD-1 Immune Checkpoint Blockade Reverses Functional Immunodominance among Tumor Antigen-Specific T Cells.
Academic Article Multiple cancer-specific antigens are targeted by a chimeric antigen receptor on a single cancer cell.
Academic Article Multiple cancer-specific antigens are targeted by a chimeric antigen receptor on a single cancer cell.
Academic Article Impact of TCR Diversity on the Development of Transplanted or Chemically Induced Tumors.
Academic Article Structure-guided engineering of the affinity and specificity of CARs against Tn-glycopeptides.
Academic Article Antigen-Multimers: Specific, Sensitive, Precise, and Multifunctional High-Avidity CAR-Staining Reagents.
Concept Histocompatibility Antigen H-2D
Grant Manipulation of Tumor Specific Immunity
Grant Immunology of Unique Tumor Specific Antigens
Academic Article Single CAR-T cell treatment controls disseminated ovarian cancer in a syngeneic mouse model.
Academic Article One CD4+TCR and One CD8+TCR Targeting Autochthonous Neoantigens Are Essential and Sufficient for Tumor Eradication.
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