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Academic Article Prevention of runting and cachexia by a chimeric TNF receptor-Fc protein.
Academic Article Radiation can inhibit tumor growth indirectly while depleting circulating leukocytes.
Academic Article Tracking the common ancestry of antigenically distinct cancer variants.
Academic Article MHC class I restricted T cells and immune surveillance against transplanted ultraviolet light-induced tumors.
Academic Article A new murine tumor model for studying HLA-A2-restricted anti-tumor immunity.
Academic Article A highly immunogenic tumor transfected with a murine transforming growth factor type beta 1 cDNA escapes immune surveillance.
Academic Article Long-term suppression of tumor growth by TNF requires a Stat1- and IFN regulatory factor 1-dependent IFN-gamma pathway but not IL-12 or IL-18.
Academic Article Progression of cancer from indolent to aggressive despite antigen retention and increased expression of interferon-gamma inducible genes.
Academic Article Long-term inhibition of tumor growth by tumor necrosis factor in the absence of cachexia or T-cell immunity.
Academic Article Antigenic cancer cells that escape immune destruction are stimulated by host cells.
Academic Article Synergy between T-cell immunity and inhibition of paracrine stimulation causes tumor rejection.
Academic Article Tumor antigens defined by cloned immunological probes are highly polymorphic and are not detected on autologous normal cells.
Academic Article [CA 12-5 in cancer of the digestive tract. A comparison with CA 19-9 and CEA in cancer of the pancreas and colon].
Academic Article CD4+ and B lymphocytes in transplantation immunity. II. Augmented rejection of tumor allografts by mice lacking B cells.
Academic Article Synergy between tumor necrosis factor and bacterial products causes hemorrhagic necrosis and lethal shock in normal mice.
Academic Article CD4-positive and B lymphocytes in transplantation immunity. I. Promotion of tumor allograft rejection through elimination of CD4-positive lymphocytes.
Academic Article Stroma is critical for preventing or permitting immunological destruction of antigenic cancer cells.
Academic Article Inhibition of tumor growth by elimination of granulocytes.
Academic Article CD4(+) T cells eliminate MHC class II-negative cancer cells in vivo by indirect effects of IFN-gamma.
Academic Article Bystander elimination of antigen loss variants in established tumors.
Academic Article Major histocompatibility complex class I and unique antigen expression by murine tumors that escaped from CD8+ T-cell-dependent surveillance.
Academic Article LyP-1-Modified Oncolytic Adenoviruses Targeting Transforming Growth Factor ? Inhibit Tumor Growth and Metastases and Augment Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy in Breast Cancer Mouse Models.
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