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Concept Stromal Cells
Academic Article The role of stroma in immune recognition and destruction of well-established solid tumors.
Academic Article Induced sensitization of tumor stroma leads to eradication of established cancer by T cells.
Academic Article IFN-gamma- and TNF-dependent bystander eradication of antigen-loss variants in established mouse cancers.
Academic Article Rapid destruction of the tumor microenvironment by CTLs recognizing cancer-specific antigens cross-presented by stromal cells.
Academic Article Recurrence of intracranial tumors following adoptive T cell therapy can be prevented by direct and indirect killing aided by high levels of tumor antigen cross-presented on stromal cells.
Academic Article Targeting stroma to treat cancers.
Academic Article Cancer. Awakening immunity.
Academic Article Equilibrium between host and cancer caused by effector T cells killing tumor stroma.
Academic Article Increasing tumor antigen expression overcomes "ignorance" to solid tumors via crosspresentation by bone marrow-derived stromal cells.
Academic Article Bystander elimination of antigen loss variants in established tumors.
Academic Article IL-15 in tumor microenvironment causes rejection of large established tumors by T cells in a noncognate T cell receptor-dependent manner.
Academic Article Innate and adaptive immune cells in the tumor microenvironment.
Academic Article Tumour ischaemia by interferon-? resembles physiological blood vessel regression.

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