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Concept Brain Mapping
Academic Article The last word.
Academic Article Sublobar localization of temporal neocortical epileptogenic foci by source modeling.
Academic Article New applications of EEG/MEG in epilepsy evaluation.
Academic Article EEG dipole modeling in complex partial epilepsy.
Academic Article Spike voltage topography identifies two types of frontotemporal epileptic foci.
Academic Article Spike voltage topography and equivalent dipole localization in complex partial epilepsy.
Academic Article Localizing value of scalp EEG spikes: a simultaneous scalp and intracranial study.
Academic Article Cortical substrates of scalp EEG epileptiform discharges.
Academic Article Intracranial EEG substrates of scalp EEG interictal spikes.
Academic Article Interictal regional delta slowing is an EEG marker of epileptic network in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article The impact of cerebral source area and synchrony on recording scalp electroencephalography ictal patterns.
Academic Article Brain source imaging of focal and multifocal epileptiform EEG activity.
Academic Article Non-invasive localization of the epileptogenic focus by EEG dipole modeling.
Academic Article Combining MEG and EEG source modeling in epilepsy evaluations.
Academic Article Clinical application of dipole models in the localization of epileptiform activity.
Academic Article Models of brain sources.
Academic Article Abnormal neuronal responses during evolution of a penicillin epileptic focus in cat visual cortex.
Academic Article Noninvasive localization of epileptogenic foci by EEG source modeling.
Academic Article Does MEG/MSI dipole variability mean unreliability?
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