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Concept Apoptosis
Academic Article Programmed cell death in neurotumour cells involves the generation of ceramide.
Academic Article Chronic exposure to kappa-opioids enhances the susceptibility of immortalized neurons (F-11kappa 7) to apoptosis-inducing drugs by a mechanism that may involve ceramide.
Academic Article The formation of ceramide from sphingomyelin is associated with cellular apoptosis.
Academic Article Cyclic AMP protects against staurosporine and wortmannin-induced apoptosis and opioid-enhanced apoptosis in both embryonic and immortalized (F-11kappa7) neurons.
Academic Article Multiple polyphosphoinositide pathways regulate apoptotic signalling in a dorsal root ganglion derived cell line.
Academic Article Anti-immunoglobulin-induced apoptosis in WEHI 231 cells involves the slow formation of ceramide from sphingomyelin and is blocked by bcl-XL.
Academic Article Palmitoyl protein thioesterase 1 protects against apoptosis mediated by Ras-Akt-caspase pathway in neuroblastoma cells.
Academic Article Does ceramide play a role in neural cell apoptosis?
Academic Article Overexpression of Akt (protein kinase B) confers protection against apoptosis and prevents formation of ceramide in response to pro-apoptotic stimuli.
Academic Article Mechanisms of apoptosis in embryonic cortical neurons (E6 and E7) in culture involve lipid signalling, protein phosphorylation and caspase activation.
Academic Article Differential responses of oligodendrocytes to tumor necrosis factor and other pro-apoptotic agents: role of ceramide in apoptosis.
Academic Article Role of palmitoyl-protein thioesterase in cell death: implications for infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.
Academic Article Differential regulation of ceramide in lipid-rich microdomains (rafts): antagonistic role of palmitoyl:protein thioesterase and neutral sphingomyelinase 2.
Academic Article Ceramide regulation of the tumor suppressor phosphatase PTEN in rafts isolated from neurotumor cell lines.
Academic Article Neurons and oligodendrocytes recycle sphingosine 1-phosphate to ceramide: significance for apoptosis and multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Resistance to anti-IgM-induced apoptosis in a WEHI-231 subline is due to insufficient production of ceramide.
Academic Article Staurosporine induces programmed cell death in embryonic neurons and activation of the ceramide pathway.
Academic Article Programmed cell death in cortical chick embryo astrocytes is associated with activation of protein kinase PK60 and ceramide formation.
Academic Article Ceramide mediates the apoptotic response of WEHI 231 cells to anti-immunoglobulin, corticosteroids and irradiation.
Academic Article Selective phosphotyrosine phosphatase inhibition and increased ceramide formation is associated with B-cell death by apoptosis.
Academic Article Increased extracellular magnesium modulates proliferation in fetal neural cells in culture.
Academic Article CrmA protects against apoptosis and ceramide formation in PC12 cells.
Academic Article The hyaluronic acid inhibitor 4-methylumbelliferone is an NSMase2 activator-role of Ceramide in MU anti-tumor activity.

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