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Concept Inducible T-Cell Co-Stimulator Protein
Concept Inducible T-Cell Co-Stimulator Ligand
Academic Article ICOS costimulation: It's not just for TH2 cells anymore.
Academic Article Inducible costimulator regulates Th2-mediated inflammation, but not Th2 differentiation, in a model of allergic airway disease.
Academic Article ICOS costimulation: is it the key to selective immunotherapy?
Academic Article Cutting edge: polymorphisms in the ICOS promoter region are associated with allergic sensitization and Th2 cytokine production.
Academic Article Regulation of T:B cell interactions by the inducible costimulator molecule: does ICOS "induce" disease?
Academic Article Inducible costimulator expression regulates the magnitude of Th2-mediated airway inflammation by regulating the number of Th2 cells.
Academic Article ICOS costimulation expands Th2 immunity by augmenting migration of lymphocytes to draining lymph nodes.
Academic Article CD28 and ICOS play complementary non-overlapping roles in the development of Th2 immunity in vivo.
Academic Article Protective effector memory CD4 T cells depend on ICOS for survival.
Academic Article Inducible costimulator controls migration of T cells to the lungs via down-regulation of CCR7 and CD62L.
Academic Article ICOS-expressing lymphocytes promote resolution of CD8-mediated lung injury in a mouse model of lung rejection.
Academic Article ICOS protects against mortality from acute lung injury through activation of IL-5+ ILC2s.

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