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Concept T-Lymphocyte Subsets
Concept Lymphocyte Subsets
Academic Article CD28 expression is not essential for positive and negative selection of thymocytes or peripheral T cell tolerance.
Academic Article CD28/B7 interactions deliver a unique signal to naive T cells that regulates cell survival but not early proliferation.
Academic Article TCR gamma delta cells: a specialized T-cell subset in the immune system.
Academic Article Selective expansion of Vgamma2-Vdelta7 TCR gammadelta cells in C57BL/6 mice is postnatal and extrathymic.
Academic Article CD4-, CD8- gamma/delta cells from normal mice respond to a syngeneic B cell lymphoma and can induce its differentiation.
Academic Article Dynamic migration of ?d intraepithelial lymphocytes requires occludin.
Academic Article CD43 regulates Th2 differentiation and inflammation.
Academic Article The gamma chain of the high-affinity receptor for IgE is a major functional subunit of the T-cell antigen receptor complex in gamma delta T lymphocytes.
Academic Article CD43 is a murine T cell costimulatory receptor that functions independently of CD28.
Academic Article Two waves of gamma delta T cells expressing different V delta genes are recruited into schistosome-induced liver granulomas.
Academic Article TCR-gamma delta cells in CD3 zeta-deficient mice contain Fc epsilon RI gamma in the receptor complex but are specifically unresponsive to antigen.
Academic Article Unique antigen recognition by a herpesvirus-specific TCR-gamma delta cell.
Academic Article Repertoire development and ligand specificity of murine TCR gamma delta cells.
Academic Article ICOS-expressing lymphocytes promote resolution of CD8-mediated lung injury in a mouse model of lung rejection.
Academic Article Distinct dendritic cell subsets actively induce Th2 polarization.
Academic Article Intrinsic functional defects of type 2 innate lymphoid cells impair innate allergic inflammation in promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger (PLZF)-deficient mice.
Academic Article T-cell phenotypes are associated with serum IgE levels in Amish and Hutterite children.
Academic Article Transcriptional programming and T cell receptor repertoires distinguish human lung and lymph node memory T cells.
Academic Article Pro-lymphangiogenic VEGFR-3 signaling modulates memory T cell responses in allergic airway inflammation.
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