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Concept Influenza, Human
Concept Humans
Concept env Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Academic Article Broadly cross-reactive antibodies dominate the human B cell response against 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus infection.
Academic Article Tools to therapeutically harness the human antibody response.
Academic Article Targeting B cell responses in universal influenza vaccine design.
Academic Article Exploiting human memory B cell heterogeneity for improved vaccine efficacy.
Academic Article Pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine induces a recall response in humans that favors broadly cross-reactive memory B cells.
Academic Article High-throughput sequencing of the paired human immunoglobulin heavy and light chain repertoire.
Academic Article Impact of immunosuppression on recall immune responses to influenza vaccination in stable renal transplant recipients.
Academic Article Vimentin is a dominant target of in situ humoral immunity in human lupus tubulointerstitial nephritis.
Academic Article High preexisting serological antibody levels correlate with diversification of the influenza vaccine response.
Academic Article Staphylococcus aureus infection induces protein A-mediated immune evasion in humans.
Academic Article Restricted VH/VL usage and limited mutations in gluten-specific IgA of coeliac disease lesion plasma cells.
Academic Article In vitro assessment of the immunological significance of a human monoclonal antibody directed to the influenza a virus nucleoprotein.
Academic Article Transglutaminase 2-specific autoantibodies in celiac disease target clustered, N-terminal epitopes not displayed on the surface of cells.
Academic Article High abundance of plasma cells secreting transglutaminase 2-specific IgA autoantibodies with limited somatic hypermutation in celiac disease intestinal lesions.
Academic Article Complement-dependent lysis of influenza a virus-infected cells by broadly cross-reactive human monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article Harnessing the immune system's arsenal: producing human monoclonal antibodies for therapeutics and investigating immune responses.
Academic Article Limited efficacy of inactivated influenza vaccine in elderly individuals is associated with decreased production of vaccine-specific antibodies.
Academic Article Intricate targeting of immunoglobulin somatic hypermutation maximizes the efficiency of affinity maturation.
Academic Article Pre-existing human antibodies neutralize the novel influenza H7N9 strain
Academic Article Biogenesis of influenza a virus hemagglutinin cross-protective stem epitopes.
Academic Article Divergent H7 immunogens offer protection from H7N9 virus challenge.
Academic Article Immune history shapes specificity of pandemic H1N1 influenza antibody responses.
Academic Article Lineage structure of the human antibody repertoire in response to influenza vaccination.
Academic Article Antibody pressure by a human monoclonal antibody targeting the 2009 pandemic H1N1 virus hemagglutinin drives the emergence of a virus with increased virulence in mice.
Academic Article Rapid generation of rotavirus-specific human monoclonal antibodies from small-intestinal mucosa.
Academic Article Polyreactivity increases the apparent affinity of anti-HIV antibodies by heteroligation.
Academic Article Receptor revision of immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region genes in normal human B lymphocytes.
Academic Article Biased VH4 gene segment repertoire in the human tonsil.
Academic Article Potential antigenic explanation for atypical H1N1 infections among middle-aged adults during the 2013-2014 influenza season.
Academic Article Human monoclonal antibodies generated following vaccination with AVA provide neutralization by blocking furin cleavage but not by preventing oligomerization.
Academic Article Rapid generation of fully human monoclonal antibodies specific to a vaccinating antigen.
Academic Article Human B cell subsets.
Academic Article Rapid cloning of high-affinity human monoclonal antibodies against influenza virus.
Academic Article Mature B cells class switched to IgD are autoreactive in healthy individuals.
Academic Article Amino acid insertions and deletions contribute to diversify the human Ig repertoire.
Academic Article Loss of anergic B cells in prediabetic and new-onset type 1 diabetic patients.
Academic Article Induction of broadly cross-reactive antibody responses to the influenza HA stem region following H5N1 vaccination in humans.
Academic Article Cross-reactive humoral responses to influenza and their implications for a universal vaccine.
Academic Article Fully human monoclonal antibodies from antibody secreting cells after vaccination with Pneumovax®23 are serotype specific and facilitate opsonophagocytosis.
Academic Article Immunodominance of antigenic site B over site A of hemagglutinin of recent H3N2 influenza viruses.
Academic Article Rapid and massive virus-specific plasmablast responses during acute dengue virus infection in humans.
Academic Article Functional anergy in a subpopulation of naive B cells from healthy humans that express autoreactive immunoglobulin receptors.
Academic Article Programmed cell death of peripheral blood B cells determined by laser scanning cytometry in Sjögren's syndrome with a special emphasis on BAFF.
Academic Article Human immunoglobulin selection associated with class switch and possible tolerogenic origins for C delta class-switched B cells.
Academic Article Somatic hypermutation introduces insertions and deletions into immunoglobulin V genes.
Academic Article Preexisting human antibodies neutralize recently emerged H7N9 influenza strains.
Academic Article High Affinity Antibodies against Influenza Characterize the Plasmablast Response in SLE Patients After Vaccination.
Academic Article Restricted, canonical, stereotyped and convergent immunoglobulin responses.
Academic Article The evolution within us.
Academic Article Innate and Adaptive Humoral Responses Coat Distinct Commensal Bacteria with Immunoglobulin A.
Academic Article The incidence of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus in community-acquired hand infections.
Academic Article Germinal center selection and the antibody response to influenza.
Academic Article Immune history profoundly affects broadly protective B cell responses to influenza.
Academic Article Taking the Broad View on B Cell Affinity Maturation.
Academic Article B Cell Responses during Secondary Dengue Virus Infection Are Dominated by Highly Cross-Reactive, Memory-Derived Plasmablasts.
Academic Article Both Neutralizing and Non-Neutralizing Human H7N9 Influenza Vaccine-Induced Monoclonal Antibodies Confer Protection.
Academic Article Human antibody responses after dengue virus infection are highly cross-reactive to Zika virus.
Academic Article Minimally Mutated HIV-1 Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies to Guide Reductionist Vaccine Design.
Academic Article Epitope specificity plays a critical role in regulating antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity against influenza A virus.
Academic Article Refined protocol for generating monoclonal antibodies from single human and murine B cells.
Academic Article Heads, stalks and everything else: how can antibodies eradicate influenza as a human disease?
Academic Article Molecular-level analysis of the serum antibody repertoire in young adults before and after seasonal influenza vaccination.
Academic Article Single-Cell Genomics: Approaches and Utility in Immunology.
Academic Article BASIC: BCR assembly from single cells.
Academic Article What Are the Primary Limitations in B-Cell Affinity Maturation, and How Much Affinity Maturation Can We Drive with Vaccination? Is Affinity Maturation a Self-Defeating Process for Eliciting Broad Protection?
Academic Article Harnessing immune history to combat influenza viruses.
Academic Article Hemagglutinin Stalk-Reactive Antibodies Interfere with Influenza Virus Neuraminidase Activity by Steric Hindrance.
Academic Article From Original Antigenic Sin to the Universal Influenza Virus Vaccine.
Academic Article Influenza Infection in Humans Induces Broadly Cross-Reactive and Protective Neuraminidase-Reactive Antibodies.
Academic Article Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza Venus reporter virus reveals broad diversity of MHC class II-positive antigen-bearing cells following infection in vivo.
Academic Article Contemporary H3N2 influenza viruses have a glycosylation site that alters binding of antibodies elicited by egg-adapted vaccine strains.
Academic Article The influenza virus hemagglutinin head evolves faster than the stalk domain.
Academic Article Peripheral VH4+ plasmablasts demonstrate autoreactive B cell expansion toward brain antigens in early multiple sclerosis patients.
Academic Article Characterization of the immunologic repertoire: A quick start guide.
Academic Article Editorial overview: Tough targets.
Academic Article Alveolar macrophages are critical for broadly-reactive antibody-mediated protection against influenza A virus in mice.
Academic Article Spec-seq unveils transcriptional subpopulations of antibody-secreting cells following influenza vaccination.
Academic Article Generation of Escape Variants of Neutralizing Influenza Virus Monoclonal Antibodies.
Academic Article Broadly Reactive Human Monoclonal Antibodies Elicited following Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus Exposure Protect Mice against Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Challenge.
Academic Article An Efficient Method to Generate Monoclonal Antibodies from Human B Cells.
Academic Article Influenza Virus Vaccination Elicits Poorly Adapted B Cell Responses in Elderly Individuals.
Academic Article Crowd on a Chip: Label-Free Human Monoclonal Antibody Arrays for Serotyping Influenza.
Academic Article Emerging from the Shadow of Hemagglutinin: Neuraminidase Is an Important Target for Influenza Vaccination.
Academic Article Immunogenicity of chimeric haemagglutinin-based, universal influenza virus vaccine candidates: interim results of a randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 1 clinical trial.
Academic Article Monoclonal Antibody Responses after Recombinant Hemagglutinin Vaccine versus Subunit Inactivated Influenza Virus Vaccine: a Comparative Study.
Academic Article Antibiotics-Driven Gut Microbiome Perturbation Alters Immunity to Vaccines in Humans.
Academic Article Aging and influenza vaccine-induced immunity.
Academic Article High-complexity extracellular barcoding using a viral hemagglutinin.
Academic Article The neuraminidase of A(H3N2) influenza viruses circulating since 2016 is antigenically distinct from the A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 vaccine strain.
Academic Article Mapping person-to-person variation in viral mutations that escape polyclonal serum targeting influenza hemagglutinin.
Academic Article Identification of Antibodies Targeting the H3N2 Hemagglutinin Receptor Binding Site following Vaccination of Humans.
Academic Article Characterizing Emerging Canine H3 Influenza Viruses.
Academic Article Imprinting, immunodominance, and other impediments to generating broad influenza immunity.
Academic Article Clinical predictors of donor antibody titre and correlation with recipient antibody response in a COVID-19 convalescent plasma clinical trial.
Academic Article Polyreactive Broadly Neutralizing B cells Are Selected to Provide Defense against Pandemic Threat Influenza Viruses.
Academic Article Proinflammatory IgG Fc structures in patients with severe COVID-19.
Academic Article Preexisting immunity shapes distinct antibody landscapes after influenza virus infection and vaccination in humans.
Academic Article Remembering seasonal coronaviruses.
Academic Article A chimeric hemagglutinin-based universal influenza virus vaccine approach induces broad and long-lasting immunity in a randomized, placebo-controlled phase I trial.
Academic Article Machine Learning to Quantify In Situ Humoral Selection in Human Lupus Tubulointerstitial Inflammation.
Academic Article SARS-CoV-2 Infection Severity Is Linked to Superior Humoral Immunity against the Spike.
Academic Article Influenza hemagglutinin-specific IgA Fc-effector functionality is restricted to stalk epitopes.
Academic Article Profiling B cell immunodominance after SARS-CoV-2 infection reveals antibody evolution to non-neutralizing viral targets.
Academic Article B Cell Responses against Influenza Viruses: Short-Lived Humoral Immunity against a Life-Long Threat.
Academic Article First exposure to the pandemic H1N1 virus induced broadly neutralizing antibodies targeting hemagglutinin head epitopes.
Academic Article An Egg-Derived Sulfated N-Acetyllactosamine Glycan Is an Antigenic Decoy of Influenza Virus Vaccines.
Academic Article Bridging the B Cell Gap: Novel Technologies to Study Antigen-Specific Human B Cell Responses.
Academic Article Hemolysis-associated phosphatidylserine exposure promotes polyclonal plasmablast differentiation.
Academic Article Human Anti-neuraminidase Antibodies Reduce Airborne Transmission of Clinical Influenza Virus Isolates in the Guinea Pig Model.
Academic Article Functionality of the putative surface glycoproteins of the Wuhan spiny eel influenza virus.
Academic Article Cross-Neutralization of Emerging SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern by Antibodies Targeting Distinct Epitopes on Spike.
Academic Article Broadly neutralizing antibodies target a haemagglutinin anchor epitope.
Academic Article Librator: a platform for the optimized analysis, design, and expression of mutable influenza viral antigens.
Academic Article Teach 'em young: Influenza vaccines induce broadly neutralizing antibodies in children.
Academic Article Memory B cell diversity: insights for optimized vaccine design.

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