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Concept Influenza A Virus, H1N1 Subtype
Academic Article Broadly cross-reactive antibodies dominate the human B cell response against 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus infection.
Academic Article Pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine induces a recall response in humans that favors broadly cross-reactive memory B cells.
Academic Article Complement-dependent lysis of influenza a virus-infected cells by broadly cross-reactive human monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article Biogenesis of influenza a virus hemagglutinin cross-protective stem epitopes.
Academic Article Immune history shapes specificity of pandemic H1N1 influenza antibody responses.
Academic Article Antibody pressure by a human monoclonal antibody targeting the 2009 pandemic H1N1 virus hemagglutinin drives the emergence of a virus with increased virulence in mice.
Academic Article Potential antigenic explanation for atypical H1N1 infections among middle-aged adults during the 2013-2014 influenza season.
Academic Article Rapid cloning of high-affinity human monoclonal antibodies against influenza virus.
Academic Article Cross-reactive humoral responses to influenza and their implications for a universal vaccine.
Academic Article Immune history profoundly affects broadly protective B cell responses to influenza.
Academic Article Molecular-level analysis of the serum antibody repertoire in young adults before and after seasonal influenza vaccination.
Academic Article Hemagglutinin Stalk-Reactive Antibodies Interfere with Influenza Virus Neuraminidase Activity by Steric Hindrance.
Academic Article Influenza Infection in Humans Induces Broadly Cross-Reactive and Protective Neuraminidase-Reactive Antibodies.
Academic Article Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza Venus reporter virus reveals broad diversity of MHC class II-positive antigen-bearing cells following infection in vivo.
Academic Article The influenza virus hemagglutinin head evolves faster than the stalk domain.
Academic Article Broadly Reactive Human Monoclonal Antibodies Elicited following Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus Exposure Protect Mice against Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Challenge.
Academic Article Antibiotics-Driven Gut Microbiome Perturbation Alters Immunity to Vaccines in Humans.
Academic Article Correctly folded - but not necessarily functional - influenza virus neuraminidase is required to induce protective antibody responses in mice.
Academic Article Influenza hemagglutinin-specific IgA Fc-effector functionality is restricted to stalk epitopes.
Academic Article First exposure to the pandemic H1N1 virus induced broadly neutralizing antibodies targeting hemagglutinin head epitopes.
Academic Article Human Anti-neuraminidase Antibodies Reduce Airborne Transmission of Clinical Influenza Virus Isolates in the Guinea Pig Model.

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