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Concept Chemistry, Pharmaceutical
Academic Article Roles of granule size in over-granulation during high shear wet granulation.
Academic Article A material-sparing method for simultaneous determination of true density and powder compaction properties--aspartame as an example.
Academic Article Massing in high shear wet granulation can simultaneously improve powder flow and deteriorate powder compaction: a double-edged sword.
Academic Article Solid-state properties and crystallization behavior of PHA-739521 polymorphs.
Academic Article Improving powder flow properties of citric acid by crystal hydration.
Academic Article Quantifying errors in tableting data analysis using the Ryshkewitch equation due to inaccurate true density.
Academic Article True density of microcrystalline cellulose.
Academic Article Influence of crystal structure on the tableting properties of n-alkyl 4-hydroxybenzoate esters (parabens).
Academic Article Materials science tetrahedron--a useful tool for pharmaceutical research and development.
Academic Article Cocrystallization for successful drug delivery.
Academic Article On the identification of slip planes in organic crystals based on attachment energy calculation.
Academic Article Development of a high drug load tablet formulation based on assessment of powder manufacturability: moving towards quality by design.
Academic Article Validation and applications of an expedited tablet friability method.
Academic Article [Research about improving flowability of powder of Chinese herbs extracts by surface modification technology].
Academic Article Near-infrared chemical imaging (NIR-CI) as a process monitoring solution for a production line of roll compaction and tableting.
Academic Article A new tablet brittleness index.
Academic Article Development of highly stabilized curcumin nanoparticles by flash nanoprecipitation and lyophilization.
Academic Article The development of carbamazepine-succinic acid cocrystal tablet formulations with improved in vitro and in vivo performance.
Academic Article Macroindentation hardness measurement-Modernization and applications.
Academic Article Enabling the Tablet Product Development of 5-Fluorocytosine by Conjugate Acid Base Cocrystals.
Academic Article Resveratrol cocrystals with enhanced solubility and tabletability.
Academic Article Mini review: Mechanisms to the loss of tabletability by dry granulation.
Academic Article Gaining insight into tablet capping tendency from compaction simulation.
Academic Article Improving Dissolution Rate of Carbamazepine-Glutaric Acid Cocrystal Through Solubilization by Excess Coformer.
Academic Article Improving solid-state properties of berberine chloride through forming a salt cocrystal with citric acid.
Academic Article Dependence of Friability on Tablet Mechanical Properties and a Predictive Approach for Binary Mixtures.
Academic Article Mechanism for the Reduced Dissolution of Ritonavir Tablets by Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
Academic Article Expedited Development of Diphenhydramine Orally Disintegrating Tablet through Integrated Crystal and Particle Engineering.
Academic Article Expedited development of a high dose orally disintegrating metformin tablet enabled by sweet salt formation with acesulfame.
Academic Article Polymer Nanocoating of Amorphous Drugs for Improving Stability, Dissolution, Powder Flow, and Tabletability: The Case of Chitosan-Coated Indomethacin.
Academic Article Computational Techniques for Predicting Mechanical Properties of Organic Crystals: A Systematic Evaluation.
Academic Article Tableting performance of various mannitol and lactose grades assessed by compaction simulation and chemometrical analysis.
Academic Article Relationship between hydrate stability and accuracy of true density measured by helium pycnometry.
Academic Article Crystallographic and Energetic Insights into Reduced Dissolution and Physical Stability of a Drug-Surfactant Salt: The Case of Norfloxacin Lauryl Sulfate.
Academic Article The role of the screw profile on granular structure and mixing efficiency of a high-dose hydrophobic drug formulation during twin screw wet granulation.
Academic Article Interfacial bonding in formulated bilayer tablets.
Academic Article A microcrystalline cellulose based drug-composite formulation strategy for developing low dose drug tablets.

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