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Concept Healthcare Disparities
Academic Article The cost consequences of improving diabetes care: the community health center experience.
Academic Article Incorporating disparity reduction into pay-for-performance.
Academic Article Innovative health care disparities curriculum for incoming medical students.
Academic Article Predicting changes in staff morale and burnout at community health centers participating in the health disparities collaboratives.
Academic Article Evaluating interventions to reduce health care disparities: an RWJF program.
Academic Article The use of quality improvement and health information technology approaches to improve diabetes outcomes in African American and Hispanic patients.
Academic Article Improving underrepresented minority medical student recruitment with health disparities curriculum.
Academic Article Race and shared decision-making: perspectives of African-Americans with diabetes.
Academic Article Meaningful disparities reduction through research and translation programs.
Academic Article Health care quality-improvement approaches to reducing child health disparities.
Academic Article Implications of the new definition of diabetes for health disparities.
Academic Article Racism in healthcare: Its relationship to shared decision-making and health disparities: a response to Bradby.
Academic Article Community health center quality improvement: a systematic review and future directions for research.
Academic Article A roadmap and best practices for organizations to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in health care.
Academic Article Self-reported racial discrimination in health care and diabetes outcomes.
Academic Article Positive and negative spillovers of the Health Disparities Collaboratives in federally qualified health centers: staff perceptions.
Academic Article Cultural leverage: interventions using culture to narrow racial disparities in health care.
Academic Article Pay for performance, public reporting, and racial disparities in health care: how are programs being designed?
Academic Article Improving and sustaining diabetes care in community health centers with the health disparities collaboratives.
Academic Article Early lessons from an initiative on Chicago's South Side to reduce disparities in diabetes care and outcomes.
Academic Article Health disparities in endocrine disorders: biological, clinical, and nonclinical factors--an Endocrine Society scientific statement.
Academic Article Improving the effectiveness of health care innovation implementation: middle managers as change agents.
Academic Article Lessons for reducing disparities in regional quality improvement efforts.
Academic Article Revisiting Disparities in Quality of Care Among US Adults With Diabetes in the Era of Individualized Care, NHANES 2007-2010.
Academic Article Expanding and sustaining integrated health care-community efforts to reduce diabetes disparities.
Academic Article How to achieve health equity.
Academic Article Thirty years of disparities intervention research: what are we doing to close racial and ethnic gaps in health care?
Academic Article Integrated community-healthcare diabetes interventions to reduce disparities.
Academic Article Creating the Business Case for Achieving Health Equity.
Academic Article Shared Decision Making Among Clinicians and Asian American and Pacific Islander Sexual and Gender Minorities: An Intersectional Approach to Address a Critical Care Gap.
Academic Article Movement Advocacy, Personal Relationships, and Ending Health Care Disparities.
Academic Article Solutions for Asthma Disparities.
Academic Article Solving Disparities Through Payment And Delivery System Reform: A Program To Achieve Health Equity.
Academic Article Early winners and losers in dialysis center pay-for-performance.
Academic Article Ensuring Fairness in Machine Learning to Advance Health Equity.
Academic Article Promoting Health Equity And Eliminating Disparities Through Performance Measurement And Payment.
Academic Article Lessons for achieving health equity comparing Aotearoa/New Zealand and the United States.
Academic Article The "Waze" of Inequity Reduction Frameworks for Organizations: a Scoping Review.
Academic Article Healthcare Experiences of Transgender People of Color.
Academic Article New research directions on disparities in obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Cherry Blossoms, COVID-19, and the Opportunity for a Healthy Life.
Academic Article New Horizons-Addressing Healthcare Disparities in Endocrine Disease: Bias, Science, and Patient Care.
Academic Article Uncomfortable Truths - What Covid-19 Has Revealed about Chronic-Disease Care in America.
Academic Article Battling Structural Racism Against Asians in the United States: Call for Public Health to Make the "Invisible" Visible.
Academic Article Increasing Equity While Improving the Quality of Care: JACC Focus Seminar 9/9.
Academic Article Eliminating Explicit and Implicit Biases in Health Care: Evidence and Research Needs.
Academic Article Health Equity for Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
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