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Concept Hyperoxaluria, Primary
Concept Hyperoxaluria
Academic Article Hyperoxaluric calcium nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article A randomized, controlled trial of lactic acid bacteria for idiopathic hyperoxaluria.
Academic Article Hyperoxaluria in kidney stone formers treated with modern bariatric surgery.
Academic Article Prevalence of hyperoxaluria after bariatric surgery.
Academic Article Effect of grapefruit juice on urinary lithogenicity.
Academic Article Urolithiasis risk factors in the bariatric population undergoing gastric bypass surgery.
Academic Article The management of patients with enteric hyperoxaluria.
Academic Article Oxalobacter formigenes-Derived Bioactive Factors Stimulate Oxalate Transport by Intestinal Epithelial Cells.
Academic Article Loss of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Regulator Impairs Intestinal Oxalate Secretion.
Academic Article Steatorrhea and Hyperoxaluria in Severely Obese Patients Before and After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass.
Academic Article Hyperoxaluria Requires TNF Receptors to Initiate Crystal Adhesion and Kidney Stone Disease.
Academic Article Urine kidney injury markers do not increase following gastric bypass: a multi-center cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Enhanced gastrointestinal passive paracellular permeability contributes to the obesity-associated hyperoxaluria.
Academic Article Reduced active transcellular intestinal oxalate secretion contributes to the pathogenesis of obesity-associated hyperoxaluria.

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