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Concept Uric Acid
Academic Article Uric acid stones.
Academic Article Differences in urine volume and supersaturation in 2 physician networks.
Academic Article Proportional reduction of urine supersaturation during nephrolithiasis treatment.
Academic Article Influence of gender and age on calcium oxalate crystal growth inhibition by urine from relatives of stone forming patients.
Academic Article Reduced crystallization inhibition by urine from women with nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article The effect of restrictive bariatric surgery on urinary stone risk factors.
Academic Article Effect of two sports drinks on urinary lithogenicity.
Academic Article Results of a prospective trial to compare normal urine supersaturation in children and adults.
Academic Article Supersaturation and stone composition in a network of dispersed treatment sites.
Academic Article Divergence between stone composition and urine supersaturation: clinical and laboratory implications.
Academic Article Effect of grapefruit juice on urinary lithogenicity.
Academic Article Urinary metabolic evaluations in normal and stone forming children.
Academic Article Monosodium urate stones are rare, and urine pH is not low in cystinuria.
Academic Article Weight, age and coefficients of variation in renal solute excretion.
Academic Article Effect of Potassium Citrate on Calcium Phosphate Stones in a Model of Hypercalciuria.
Academic Article Can a Simplified 12-Hour Nighttime Urine Collection Predict Urinary Stone Risk?
Academic Article Evidence for a role of PDZ domain-containing proteins to mediate hypophosphatemia in calcium stone formers.
Academic Article Effect of thiazolidinedione therapy on the risk of uric acid stones.

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