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Concept Thalamic Nuclei
Concept Anterior Thalamic Nuclei
Concept Intralaminar Thalamic Nuclei
Concept Lateral Thalamic Nuclei
Concept Ventral Thalamic Nuclei
Academic Article Mapping by laser photostimulation of connections between the thalamic reticular and ventral posterior lateral nuclei in the rat.
Academic Article Synaptic properties of the mammillary and cortical afferents to the anterodorsal thalamic nucleus in the mouse.
Academic Article Mapping of the functional interconnections between thalamic reticular neurons using photostimulation.
Academic Article Functional organization of the thalamic input to the thalamic reticular nucleus.
Academic Article Functional organization of the somatosensory cortical layer 6 feedback to the thalamus.
Academic Article Different topography of the reticulothalmic inputs to first- and higher-order somatosensory thalamic relays revealed using photostimulation.
Academic Article Different distributions of calbindin and calretinin immunostaining across the medial and dorsal divisions of the mouse medial geniculate body.
Academic Article Differences in response to serotonergic activation between first and higher order thalamic nuclei.
Academic Article Activation requirements for metabotropic glutamate receptors.
Academic Article Functional topographic organization of the motor reticulothalamic pathway.
Academic Article Modulatory effects of activation of metabotropic glutamate receptors on GABAergic circuits in the mouse thalamus.
Academic Article Synaptic properties of the lemniscal and paralemniscal pathways to the mouse somatosensory thalamus.
Grant Control of the Visual relay Through LGN
Academic Article Functional synaptic contacts by intranuclear axon collaterals of thalamic relay neurons.
Academic Article Corticothalamic projections from the rat primary somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article Dual response modes in lateral geniculate neurons: mechanisms and functions.
Academic Article Glutamate inhibits thalamic reticular neurons.
Academic Article Synaptic connectivity of a local circuit neurone in lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat.
Academic Article Synaptic targets of thalamic reticular nucleus terminals in the visual thalamus of the cat.
Academic Article Higher-order thalamic relays burst more than first-order relays.
Academic Article The projection of individual axons from the parabrachial region of the brain stem to the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus in the cat.
Academic Article The control of retinogeniculate transmission in the mammalian lateral geniculate nucleus.
Academic Article Burst and tonic firing in thalamic cells of unanesthetized, behaving monkeys.
Academic Article GABAergic projection from the basal forebrain to the visual sector of the thalamic reticular nucleus in the cat.

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