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Concept Rats
Academic Article Long-term elevation of cyclooxygenase-2, but not lipoxygenase, in regions synaptically distant from spreading depression.
Academic Article Neocortical spreading depression provokes the expression of c-fos protein-like immunoreactivity within trigeminal nucleus caudalis via trigeminovascular mechanisms.
Academic Article Whole-cell chloride currents in rat astrocytes accompany changes in cell morphology.
Academic Article Eicosanoids and nitric oxide influence induction of reactive gliosis from spreading depression in microglia but not astrocytes.
Academic Article Cytoskeletal actin gates a Cl- channel in neocortical astrocytes.
Academic Article Comment on Ingvardsen et al., PAIN, 72 (1997) 407-415.
Academic Article Reactive astrocytosis from excitotoxic injury in hippocampal organ culture parallels that seen in vivo.
Academic Article Prostaglandin E receptor subtypes in cultured rat microglia and their role in reducing lipopolysaccharide-induced interleukin-1beta production.
Academic Article Neuronal nitric oxide synthase expression is induced in neocortical astrocytes after spreading depression.
Academic Article Calcium waves precede electrophysiological changes of spreading depression in hippocampal organ cultures.
Academic Article Prostaglandin E2 and 4-aminopyridine prevent the lipopolysaccharide-induced outwardly rectifying potassium current and interleukin-1beta production in cultured rat microglia.
Academic Article Carbonic acid buffer species measured in real time with an intracellular microelectrode array.
Academic Article Hippocampal spreading depression bilaterally activates the caudal trigeminal nucleus in rodents.
Academic Article Intracellular pH rises and astrocytes swell after portacaval anastomosis in rats.
Academic Article Spreading depression increases immunohistochemical staining of glial fibrillary acidic protein.
Academic Article Homeostatic plasticity in hippocampal slice cultures involves changes in voltage-gated Na+ channel expression.
Academic Article Optimization of multiplexed bead-based cytokine immunoassays for rat serum and brain tissue.
Academic Article Optical current source density analysis in hippocampal organotypic culture shows that spreading depression occurs with uniquely reversing currents.
Academic Article Ionic concomitants of astroglial transformation to reactive species.
Academic Article Astrocytic acidosis in hyperglycemic and complete ischemia.
Academic Article Cold pre-conditioning neuroprotection depends on TNF-a and is enhanced by blockade of interleukin-11.
Academic Article Spreading depression sends microglia on Lévy flights.
Academic Article Enhanced integrated stress response promotes myelinating oligodendrocyte survival in response to interferon-gamma.
Academic Article Differential effects of low-dose endotoxin on the cerebral circulation during pregnancy.
Academic Article Compartmentation of acid-base balance in brain during complete ischemia.
Academic Article Pregnant serum induces neuroinflammation and seizure activity via TNFa.
Academic Article Carbonic acid buffer changes during complete brain ischemia.
Academic Article Strategies for study of neuroprotection from cold-preconditioning.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor-1 lowers spreading depression susceptibility and reduces oxidative stress.
Academic Article Hydrogen ion buffering during complete brain ischemia.
Academic Article Bicarbonate and ammonia changes in brain during spreading depression.
Academic Article Acid-induced changes of brain protein buffering.
Academic Article Hydrogen ions kill brain at concentrations reached in ischemia.
Academic Article The effects of extracellular acidosis on neurons and glia in vitro.
Academic Article Characterization of inducible cyclooxygenase in rat brain.
Academic Article Potassium, calcium, chloride and sodium changes in extracellular space during spreading depression in cerebellum [proceedings].
Academic Article Monomeric IgG is neuroprotective via enhancing microglial recycling endocytosis and TNF-alpha.
Academic Article Alkaline and acid transients in cerebellar microenvironment.
Academic Article Light and electron microscopic evaluation of hydrogen ion-induced brain necrosis.
Academic Article Intracellular pH of astrocytes increases rapidly with cortical stimulation.
Academic Article In vivo measurement of regional brain and tumor pH using [14C]dimethyloxazolidinedione and quantitative autoradiography. II: Characterization of the extracellular fluid compartment using pH-sensitive microelectrodes and [14C]sucrose.
Academic Article Focal elevations in neocortical interstitial K+ produced by stimulation of the fastigial nucleus in rat.
Academic Article Dynamics of interstitial and intracellular pH in evolving brain infarct.
Academic Article Intracellular pH transients of mammalian astrocytes.
Academic Article Determination of extracellular bicarbonate and carbon dioxide concentrations in brain slices using carbonate and pH-selective microelectrodes.
Academic Article Nanoparticle targeting to neurons in a rat hippocampal slice culture model.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor-1 abrogates microglial oxidative stress and TNF-a responses to spreading depression.
Academic Article IFN?-stimulated dendritic cell exosomes as a potential therapeutic for remyelination.
Academic Article Youth and environmental enrichment generate serum exosomes containing miR-219 that promote CNS myelination.
Academic Article Spreading depression requires microglia and is decreased by their M2a polarization from environmental enrichment.
Academic Article Spreading depression transiently disrupts myelin via interferon-gamma signaling.
Academic Article Phasic Treatment with Interferon Gamma Stimulates Release of Exosomes that Protect Against Spreading Depression.
Academic Article Environmental Enrichment Stimulates Immune Cell Secretion of Exosomes that Promote CNS Myelination and May Regulate Inflammation.
Academic Article Intranasally administered IGF-1 inhibits spreading depression in vivo.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor-1 inhibits spreading depression-induced trigeminal calcitonin gene related peptide, oxidative stress & neuronal activation in rat.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor-1 inhibits nitroglycerin-induced trigeminal activation of oxidative stress, calcitonin gene-related peptide and c-Fos expression.
Academic Article IFN?-stimulated dendritic cell extracellular vesicles can be nasally administered to the brain and enter oligodendrocytes.
Grant Exosome RNA-Therapeutics to Promote CNS Myelination
Grant Environment Enrichment, Neuroprotection and Spreading Depression
Grant Exosome RNA-Therapeutics to Promote CNS Myelination
Grant Development of Nasal IGF-1 as a Migraine Therapeutic
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