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Concept Cross-Sectional Studies
Academic Article A preliminary report of musculoskeletal dysfunction in female chronic pelvic pain: a blinded study of examination findings.
Academic Article Preoperative ultrasound to predict infraumbilical adhesions: a study of diagnostic accuracy.
Academic Article The association of dysmenorrhea with noncyclic pelvic pain accounting for psychological factors.
Academic Article Increased pressure pain sensitivity in women with chronic pelvic pain.
Academic Article Physical therapy evaluation of patients with chronic pelvic pain: a controlled study.
Academic Article Comparative measurement of pelvic floor pain sensitivity in chronic pelvic pain.
Academic Article Pelvic floor muscle examination in female chronic pelvic pain.
Academic Article Outpatient laparoscopy for abdominal and pelvic pain in the United States 1994 through 1996.
Academic Article Somatization and psychological distress among women with vulvar vestibulitis syndrome.
Academic Article Prevalence of pelvic musculoskeletal disorders in a female chronic pelvic pain clinic.
Academic Article Multimodal nociceptive mechanisms underlying chronic pelvic pain.
Academic Article Somatic symptoms in women with dysmenorrhea and noncyclic pelvic pain.
Academic Article Clinical profile of comorbid dysmenorrhea and bladder sensitivity: a cross-sectional analysis.
Academic Article Impact of endometriosis on women's life decisions and goal attainment: a cross-sectional survey of members of an online patient community.
Academic Article Generalized sensory sensitivity is associated with comorbid pain symptoms: a replication study in women with dysmenorrhea.
Academic Article Bladder Pain Sensitivity Is a Potential Risk Factor for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
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