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Concept Respiration
Concept Respiration Disorders
Academic Article Intermittent hypoxia augments carotid body and ventilatory response to hypoxia in neonatal rat pups.
Academic Article Impaired ventilatory acclimatization to hypoxia in mice lacking the immediate early gene fos B.
Academic Article Hypoxia-inducible factor 2a (HIF-2a) heterozygous-null mice exhibit exaggerated carotid body sensitivity to hypoxia, breathing instability, and hypertension.
Academic Article Kv1.1 deletion augments the afferent hypoxic chemosensory pathway and respiration.
Academic Article Inherent variations in CO-H2S-mediated carotid body O2 sensing mediate hypertension and pulmonary edema.
Academic Article Protein kinase G-regulated production of H2S governs oxygen sensing.
Academic Article Epigenetic regulation of redox state mediates persistent cardiorespiratory abnormalities after long-term intermittent hypoxia.
Academic Article Complementary roles of gasotransmitters CO and H2S in sleep apnea.
Academic Article Measurement of Sensory Nerve Activity from the Carotid Body.
Academic Article Olfactory receptor 78 regulates erythropoietin and cardiorespiratory responses to hypobaric hypoxia.
Academic Article Carotid body responses to O2 and CO2 in hypoxia-tolerant naked mole rats.
Academic Article Adaptive cardiorespiratory changes to chronic continuous and intermittent hypoxia.
Academic Article Gasotransmitter modulation of hypoglossal motoneuron activity.
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