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overview I have 30 years of experience in the study of asthma, airways inflammation and airways remodeling, with a focus to understand why inflammation persists and why repair is aberrant in airways. My focus in recent years has been on the initial response to airway injury in cell biology-focused studies. Along with this, I have focused on understanding clinical parameters important to the care of patients with asthma. I have successfully administered several major NIH-funded grants, all of which have required significant collaborations with investigators from diverse fields and which have generated peer-reviewed publications in key biomedical journals. More recently, I have focused on understanding clinical parameters important to the care of patients with asthma. I was contact PI in a U19 funded Asthma and Allergic Diseases Cooperative Research Center funded by NIAID. Our asthma program was just awarded a UG1 for precision medicine in severe and exacerbation prone asthma (the “PrecISE” protocol). I also co-direct our hospital-wide COPD clinical program that focuses on readmissions and the transitions from hospital to outpatient and community medicine. Our multi-disciplinary group has already “bent the curve” downward substantially in readmissions, and I direct the clinical support team that provides direct patient care. More recent work from our program examines the role of the epithelium in host-defense responses to the airway microbiome; we have the largest single-center study to state and currently are examining the relationship of the fungal microbiome (the ‘mycobiome’) to the bacterial microbiome in asthma. All of this is dedicated to the idea that understanding the basic and translational science of the lungs will lead to better therapies for asthma.

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Concept Epithelium
Academic Article Physiologic significance of epithelial removal on guinea pig tracheal smooth muscle response to acetylcholine and serotonin.
Academic Article EP1 receptor blockade attenuates both spontaneous tone and PGE2-elicited contraction in guinea pig trachealis.
Academic Article Characterization of cell surface lectin-binding patterns of human airway epithelium.
Academic Article Topographic distribution of prostaglandin secretion caused by bradykinin in canine tracheal epithelial cells.
Academic Article Proliferation and repair of guinea pig tracheal epithelium after neuropeptide depletion and injury in vivo.
Academic Article Glycosylation profiles of airway epithelium after repair of mechanical injury in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Expression of Fas (CD95) and FasL (CD95L) in human airway epithelium.
Academic Article Trefoil peptides in airway epithelium: an important addition to the plethora of peptides.
Academic Article Epithelial modulation of airway smooth muscle response to endothelin-1.
Academic Article Wound healing in airways in vivo.
Academic Article Corticosteroid-induced apoptosis of airway epithelium: a potential mechanism for chronic airway epithelial damage in asthma.
Academic Article Corticosteroid-induced apoptosis in mouse airway epithelium: effect in normal airways and after allergen-induced airway inflammation.
Academic Article Epithelium-dependent contraction of airway smooth muscle caused by eosinophil MBP.
Academic Article Apoptosis and the airway epithelium.
Academic Article Migration and proliferation of guinea pig and human airway epithelial cells in response to tachykinins.
Academic Article Proliferation of guinea pig tracheal epithelial cells in coculture with rat dorsal root ganglion neural cells.
Academic Article Epithelial augmentation of trachealis contraction caused by major basic protein of eosinophils.
Academic Article Migration of human and guinea pig airway epithelial cells in response to calcitonin gene-related peptide.
Academic Article Prostaglandin secretion by guinea pig tracheal epithelial cells caused by eosinophil major basic protein.
Academic Article Effects of corticosteroid-induced apoptosis on airway epithelial wound closure in vitro.

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