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Academic Article Conformationally specific enhancement of receptor-mediated LDL binding and internalization by peptide models of a conserved anionic N-terminal domain of human apolipoprotein E.
Academic Article The immunodominant antigen of an ultraviolet-induced regressor tumor is generated by a somatic point mutation in the DEAD box helicase p68.
Academic Article Two-dimensional structure of beta-amyloid(10-35) fibrils.
Academic Article Inhibition of beta-amyloid(40) fibrillogenesis and disassembly of beta-amyloid(40) fibrils by short beta-amyloid congeners containing N-methyl amino acids at alternate residues.
Academic Article Propagating structure of Alzheimer's beta-amyloid(10-35) is parallel beta-sheet with residues in exact register.
Academic Article Point mutation in essential genes with loss or mutation of the second allele: relevance to the retention of tumor-specific antigens.
Academic Article Peptide model of a highly conserved, N-terminal domain of apolipoprotein E is able to modulate lipoprotein binding to a member of the class A scavenger receptor family.
Academic Article Structure-function relationships in side chain lactam cross-linked peptide models of a conserved N-terminal domain of apolipoprotein E.
Academic Article Probing the role of backbone hydrogen bonding in beta-amyloid fibrils with inhibitor peptides containing ester bonds at alternate positions.
Academic Article Apolipoprotein A-I alpha -helices 7 and 8 modulate high density lipoprotein subclass distribution.
Academic Article A designed Zn2+-binding amphiphilic polypeptide: energetic consequences of pi-helicity.
Academic Article Peptide-based inhibitors of amyloid assembly.
Academic Article Primary structure of guinea pig apolipoprotein E.
Academic Article Abeta40-Lactam(D23/K28) models a conformation highly favorable for nucleation of amyloid.
Academic Article Protein denaturation and aggregation: Cellular responses to denatured and aggregated proteins.
Academic Article Spatial separation of beta-sheet domains of beta-amyloid: disruption of each beta-sheet by N-methyl amino acids.
Academic Article A mutant chaperone converts a wild-type protein into a tumor-specific antigen.
Academic Article The Japanese mutant Aß (?E22-Aß(1-39)) forms fibrils instantaneously, with low-thioflavin T fluorescence: seeding of wild-type Aß(1-40) into atypical fibrils by ?E22-Aß(1-39).
Academic Article ?d T cell receptors recognize the non-classical major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecule T22 via conserved anchor residues in a MHC peptide-like fashion.
Academic Article Isolation of an active-site peptide of lipoprotein lipase from bovine milk and determination of its amino acid sequence.
Academic Article Helix-turn-helix peptides that form alpha-helical fibrils: turn sequences drive fibril structure.
Academic Article A unique tumor antigen produced by a single amino acid substitution.
Academic Article Structural and thermodynamic characterization of a bioactive peptide model of apolipoprotein E: side-chain lactam bridges to constrain the conformation.
Academic Article Versatile cyclic templates for assembly of axially oriented ligands.
Academic Article The specific amino acid sequence between helices 7 and 8 influences the binding specificity of human apolipoprotein A-I for high density lipoprotein (HDL) subclasses: a potential for HDL preferential generation.
Academic Article Novel RNA-binding protein P311 binds eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit b (eIF3b) to promote translation of transforming growth factor ß1-3 (TGF-ß1-3).
Academic Article Transmembrane fragment structures of amyloid precursor protein depend on membrane surface curvature.
Academic Article Molecular basis of substrate recognition and degradation by human presequence protease.
Academic Article Elucidation of the Aggregation Pathways of Helix-Turn-Helix Peptides: Stabilization at the Turn Region Is Critical for Fibril Formation.
Academic Article Peptide backbone modification in the bend region of amyloid-ß inhibits fibrillogenesis but not oligomer formation.
Academic Article A versatile method for producing labeled or unlabeled Aß55, Aß40, and other ß-amyloid family peptides.

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