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Concept Amyloid
Concept Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor
Concept Plaque, Amyloid
Concept Amyloid beta-Peptides
Concept Amyloid Precursor Protein Secretases
Academic Article Association of gamma-secretase with lipid rafts in post-Golgi and endosome membranes.
Academic Article Spatial segregation of gamma-secretase and substrates in distinct membrane domains.
Academic Article Amyloidogenic processing of beta-amyloid precursor protein in intracellular compartments.
Academic Article Cellular distribution of gamma-secretase subunit nicastrin in the developing and adult rat brains.
Academic Article Mechanisms of disease: new therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer's disease--targeting APP processing in lipid rafts.
Academic Article Alzheimer disease Abeta production in the absence of S-palmitoylation-dependent targeting of BACE1 to lipid rafts.
Academic Article S-palmitoylation of gamma-secretase subunits nicastrin and APH-1.
Academic Article Membrane rafts in Alzheimer's disease beta-amyloid production.
Academic Article Dual roles of the transmembrane protein p23/TMP21 in the modulation of amyloid precursor protein metabolism.
Academic Article Mutation analysis of the presenilin 1 N-terminal domain reveals a broad spectrum of gamma-secretase activity toward amyloid precursor protein and other substrates.
Academic Article Nicastrin is critical for stability and trafficking but not association of other presenilin/gamma-secretase components.
Academic Article Transgenic neuronal overexpression reveals that stringently regulated p23 expression is critical for coordinated movement in mice.
Academic Article Loss of cleavage at ß'-site contributes to apparent increase in ß-amyloid peptide (Aß) secretion by ß-secretase (BACE1)-glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) processing of amyloid precursor protein.
Academic Article Novel GaS-protein signaling associated with membrane-tethered amyloid precursor protein intracellular domain.
Academic Article Evidence that CD147 modulation of beta-amyloid (Abeta) levels is mediated by extracellular degradation of secreted Abeta.
Academic Article Altered levels and distribution of amyloid precursor protein and its processing enzymes in Niemann-Pick type C1-deficient mouse brains.
Academic Article Ca2+ influx through store-operated Ca2+ channels reduces Alzheimer disease ß-amyloid peptide secretion.
Academic Article A function for EHD family proteins in unidirectional retrograde dendritic transport of BACE1 and Alzheimer's disease Aß production.
Academic Article Axonal BACE1 dynamics and targeting in hippocampal neurons: a role for Rab11 GTPase.
Academic Article Lack of BACE1 S-palmitoylation reduces amyloid burden and mitigates memory deficits in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article APP-Mediated Signaling Prevents Memory Decline in Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Model.
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