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Concept Graft Survival
Academic Article The role of Foxp3+ regulatory T cells in liver transplant tolerance.
Academic Article Metabolic syndrome: a new view of some familiar transplant risks.
Academic Article Risk stratification of kidneys from donation after cardiac death donors and the utility of machine perfusion.
Academic Article Use of an automated clinical management system improves outpatient immunosuppressive care following liver transplantation.
Academic Article Percutaneous transhepatic balloon dilation for portal venous stenosis.
Academic Article Hemochromatosis and liver transplant survival.
Academic Article D-MELD, a simple predictor of post liver transplant mortality for optimization of donor/recipient matching.
Academic Article Increasing the liver donor pool through donation after cardiac death.
Academic Article Predicting posttransplantation infection risk with gene polymorphisms.
Academic Article Proteome and computational analyses reveal new insights into the mechanisms of hepatitis C virus-mediated liver disease posttransplantation.
Academic Article Liver transplantation at the extremes of the body mass index.
Academic Article Histological and clinical outcome after liver transplantation for hepatitis C.
Academic Article Are we underestimating the quality of aviremic hepatitis C-positive kidneys? Time to reconsider.
Academic Article Living Donation Versus Donation After Circulatory Death Liver Transplantation for Low Model for End-Stage Liver Disease Recipients.
Academic Article Impact of obesity on children undergoing liver transplantation.
Academic Article Intraoperative portal vein blood flow predicts allograft and patient survival following liver transplantation.
Academic Article Ischemic cholangiopathy following liver transplantation from donation after cardiac death donors.
Academic Article Hepatic artery thrombosis and liver malignancy in pediatric liver transplantation.
Academic Article Outcomes after combined liver-kidney transplant vs. kidney transplant followed by liver transplant.
Academic Article Induction immunosuppressive therapy is associated with a low rejection rate after liver transplantation.
Academic Article Using root cause analysis to improve survival in a liver transplant program.
Academic Article The impact of consecutive operations on survival after liver transplantation.
Academic Article Utilization of Standard Criteria Donor and Expanded Criteria Donor Kidneys After Kidney Allocation System Implementation.
Academic Article New Evidence Supporting Increased Use of Split Liver Transplantation.
Academic Article Can we mitigate the effects of simultaneous liver-kidney transplantation through increased utilization of HCV-positive donors?
Academic Article Listing practices and graft utilization of hepatitis C-positive deceased donors in liver and kidney transplant.
Academic Article The impact of public health service increased risk donors in pediatric liver transplantation.
Academic Article Adults transplanted as children as retransplant candidates: Analysis of outcomes support optimism in a population mislabeled as high risk.
Academic Article Livers From Pediatric Donation After Circulatory Death Donors Represent a Viable and Underutilized Source of Allograft.
Academic Article Contemporary patterns in kidney graft survival from donors after circulatory death in the United States.
Academic Article Three-year follow-up of aviremic hepatitis C-positive kidneys.
Academic Article Do funding sources influence long-term patient survival in pediatric liver transplantation?
Academic Article Living vs deceased donor liver transplantation in cholestatic liver disease: An analysis of the OPTN database.
Academic Article Intention-to-treat Analysis of Patients Aged 70 Years and Older Awaiting Kidney Transplantation in Post-Kidney Allocation System Era.
Academic Article Kidney retransplantation outcomes in adults aged 70 and older: Analysis of risk factors and survival.
Academic Article Impact of Obesity on Kidney Transplant Outcomes in Older Adults.
Academic Article Optimizing pediatric liver transplantation: Evaluating the impact of donor age and graft type on patient survival outcome.
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