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Concept Conservation of Natural Resources
Academic Article Biodiversity. Confronting amphibian declines and extinctions.
Academic Article Methods and prospects for using molecular data in captive breeding programs: an empirical example using parma wallabies (Macropus parma).
Academic Article Predicting the probability of outbreeding depression.
Academic Article Extending pedigree analysis for uncertain parentage and diverse breeding systems.
Academic Article A comparison of strategies for selecting breeding pairs to maximize genetic diversity retention in managed populations.
Academic Article Achieving true sustainability of zoo populations.
Academic Article The impacts of inbreeding, drift and selection on genetic diversity in captive breeding populations.
Academic Article Developing metapopulation connectivity criteria from genetic and habitat data to recover the endangered Mexican wolf.
Academic Article Use of animals with partially known ancestries in scientifically managed breeding programs.
Academic Article What to do when we can't bank on seeds: What botanic gardens can learn from the zoo community about conserving plants in living collections.
Academic Article Inbreeding and selection shape genomic diversity in captive populations: Implications for the conservation of endangered species.
Academic Article Evaluating anthropogenic threats to endangered killer whales to inform effective recovery plans.
Academic Article Lessons from 30 years of population viability analysis of wildlife populations.
Academic Article Biological and Sociopolitical Sources of Uncertainty in Population Viability Analysis for Endangered Species Recovery Planning.
Academic Article Applying the zoo model to conservation of threatened exceptional plant species.
Academic Article Climate change complicates efforts to ensure survival and recovery of St. Lawrence Estuary beluga.
Academic Article A stochastic model for estimating sustainable limits to wildlife mortality in a changing world.
Academic Article Strategies for establishing and using genome resource banks to protect genetic diversity in conservation breeding programs.
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  • Conservation of Natural Resources