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Concept Evolution, Molecular
Academic Article Identification of five new genes on the Y chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster.
Academic Article A possible role of exon-shuffling in the evolution of signal peptides of human proteins.
Academic Article Age-dependent chromosomal distribution of male-biased genes in Drosophila.
Academic Article A cautionary note for retrocopy identification: DNA-based duplication of intron-containing genes significantly contributes to the origination of single exon genes.
Academic Article General gene movement off the X chromosome in the Drosophila genus.
Academic Article Deficiency of X-linked inverted duplicates with male-biased expression and the underlying evolutionary mechanisms in the Drosophila genome.
Academic Article Evolutionary patterns of RNA-based duplication in non-mammalian chordates.
Academic Article Retrogenes moved out of the z chromosome in the silkworm.
Academic Article New genes expressed in human brains: implications for annotating evolving genomes.
Academic Article Signs of ancient and modern exon-shuffling are correlated to the distribution of ancient and modern domains along proteins.
Academic Article Reshaping of global gene expression networks and sex-biased gene expression by integration of a young gene.
Academic Article New gene evolution: little did we know.
Academic Article Host gene constraints and genomic context impact the expression and evolution of human microRNAs.
Academic Article Haploid selection drives new gene male germline expression.
Academic Article Genomic analyses of new genes and their phenotypic effects reveal rapid evolution of essential functions in Drosophila development.
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