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Concept Glucagon-Like Peptides
Concept Glucagon
Concept Glucagon-Secreting Cells
Concept Glucagon-Like Peptide 1
Academic Article Basal and glucagon-stimulated plasma C-peptide concentrations in healthy dogs, dogs with diabetes mellitus, and dogs with hyperadrenocorticism.
Academic Article Diminished insulin and glucagon secretory responses to arginine in nondiabetic subjects with a mutation in the hepatocyte nuclear factor-4alpha/MODY1 gene.
Academic Article Role of apoptosis in failure of beta-cell mass compensation for insulin resistance and beta-cell defects in the male Zucker diabetic fatty rat.
Academic Article GLP-1-induced alterations in the glucose-stimulated insulin secretory dose-response curve.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide 1 improves the ability of the beta-cell to sense and respond to glucose in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide-1 stimulates insulin secretion by a Ca2+-independent mechanism in Zucker diabetic fatty rat islets of Langerhans.
Academic Article Hypoglycemic thresholds for cognitive dysfunction in IDDM.
Academic Article RyR2 and calpain-10 delineate a novel apoptosis pathway in pancreatic islets.
Academic Article Nocturnal elevation of glucose levels during fasting in noninsulin-dependent diabetes.
Academic Article Change in hexose distribution volume and fractional utilization of [18F]-2-deoxy-2-fluoro-D-glucose in brain during acute hypoglycemia in humans.
Academic Article Pattern of postprandial carbohydrate metabolism and effects of portal and peripheral insulin delivery.
Academic Article Weight loss therapy improves pancreatic endocrine function in obese older adults.
Academic Article Insulin signaling in alpha cells modulates glucagon secretion in vivo.
Academic Article Xenin-25 amplifies GIP-mediated insulin secretion in humans with normal and impaired glucose tolerance but not type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article In vivo pulsatility of pancreatic islet peptides.
Academic Article Insulin and glucagon breakthrough of somatostatin suppression: importance of portal vein hormone measurements.
Academic Article Quantitative evaluation of the effect of low-intensity exercise on insulin secretion in man.
Academic Article A new method for comparing portal and peripheral venous insulin delivery in humans: tolbutamide versus insulin infusion.
Academic Article A familial glucagonoma syndrome: genetic, clinical and biochemical features.
Academic Article Variable deterioration in cortical function during insulin-induced hypoglycemia.
Academic Article Differences in the hepatic and renal extraction of insulin and glucagon in the dog: evidence for saturability of insulin metabolism.
Academic Article Hepatic and renal metabolism of somatostatin-like immunoreactivity. Simultaneous assessment in the dog.
Academic Article Pancreatic hormone profiles and metabolism posthepatectomy in the dog. Evidence for a hepatotrophic role of insulin, glucagon, and pancreatic polypeptide.
Academic Article Differential immunoreactivity of plasma glucagon components in man: studies with different glucagon antibodies.
Academic Article Hepatic extraction of plasma immunoreactive glucagon components. Predilection for 3500-dalton glucagon metabolism by the liver.
Academic Article Surface receptors for pancreatic hormones in dog and rat hepatocytes: qualitative and quantitative differences in hormone-target cell interactions.
Academic Article Oscillations in insulin secretion during constant glucose infusion in normal man: relationship to changes in plasma glucose.
Academic Article Lack of glucagon response to hypoglycemia in type I diabetics after long-term optimal therapy with a continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion pump.
Academic Article Hepatic metabolism of glucagon in the dog: contribution of the liver to overall metabolic disposal of glucagon.
Academic Article Xenin-25 potentiates glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide action via a novel cholinergic relay mechanism.
Academic Article Long-term follow-up of canine segmental pancreatic autografts.
Academic Article The effect of biosynthetic human proinsulin on the hepatic response to glucagon in insulin-deficient diabetes.
Academic Article Glucose counterregulation in patients after pancreatectomy. Comparison with other clinical forms of diabetes.
Academic Article Relation of counterregulatory responses to hypoglycemia in type I diabetics.
Academic Article Glucagon does not increase plasma free fatty acid and glycerol concentrations in patients with noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Small-intestinal dysfunction accompanies the complex endocrinopathy of human proprotein convertase 1 deficiency.
Academic Article Lack of direct inhibition of insulin secretion by exogenous insulin in the canine pancreas.
Academic Article 24-hour glucose profiles during continuous or oscillatory insulin infusion. Demonstration of the functional significance of ultradian insulin oscillations.
Academic Article Xenin-25 delays gastric emptying and reduces postprandial glucose levels in humans with and without type 2 diabetes.
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