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overview My laboratory is interested in the role of abnormal insulin secretion in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes. We are currently using mouse models of diabetes to define the mechanisms of ß-cell dysfunction. Pancreatic ß-cell death is a very important mechanism contributing to reduced insulin secretion in diabetes. Using Pdx1 deficiency as the experimental model we have determined that all three forms of programmed cell death autophagy, apoptosis and programmed necrosis all contribute to the loss of beta cell mass. We are currently exploring novel approaches to interrupting these pathways. These studies have focused on the role of the BH3-only molecules Puma and Bim in mediating pancreatic ß-cell death. We have demonstrated that reducing expression of Puma and Bim reduces apoptosis of the pancreatic ß-cell in different diabetes models leading to an enhancement of insulin secretion, an increase in ß-cell mass and a lowering of blood glucose.
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Concept Glucagon-Secreting Cells
Academic Article NIDDM is associated with loss of pancreatic beta-cell L-type Ca2+ channel activity.
Academic Article Late post-prandial hypoglycaemia as the sole presenting feature of secreting pancreatic beta-cell adenoma in a subtotally gastrectomized patient.
Academic Article The pancreatic beta cell heats up: UCP2 and insulin secretion in diabetes.
Academic Article Regulation of pancreatic beta-cell growth and survival by the serine/threonine protein kinase Akt1/PKBalpha.
Academic Article Defective pancreatic beta-cell glycolytic signaling in hepatocyte nuclear factor-1alpha-deficient mice.
Academic Article Recruitment of bone marrow-derived endothelial cells to sites of pancreatic beta-cell injury.
Academic Article Ryanodine receptors in human pancreatic beta cells: localization and effects on insulin secretion.
Academic Article Diabetic pancreatic beta cells ARNT all they should be.
Academic Article Sustained expression of hepatocyte nuclear factor-6 leads to loss of pancreatic beta-cells by apoptosis.
Academic Article Role of HNF-1alpha in regulating the expression of genes involved in cellular growth and proliferation in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Insulin signaling in alpha cells modulates glucagon secretion in vivo.
Academic Article Compensation in pancreatic beta-cell function in subjects with glucokinase mutations.
Academic Article Pdx1 and other factors that regulate pancreatic beta-cell survival.
Academic Article Autophagy regulates pancreatic beta cell death in response to Pdx1 deficiency and nutrient deprivation.
Academic Article Impaired insulin secretion in transgenic mice over-expressing calpastatin in pancreatic ß-cells.
Academic Article Pancreatic ß-Cell Death due to Pdx-1 Deficiency Requires Multi-BH Domain Protein Bax but Not Bak.
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