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Concept Somatostatin
Concept Somatostatin-28
Academic Article Role of apoptosis in failure of beta-cell mass compensation for insulin resistance and beta-cell defects in the male Zucker diabetic fatty rat.
Academic Article In vivo pulsatility of pancreatic islet peptides.
Academic Article Reduction in portal vein blood flow by somatostatin.
Academic Article Insulin and glucagon breakthrough of somatostatin suppression: importance of portal vein hormone measurements.
Academic Article The in vivo metabolism of somatostatin 28: possible relationship between diminished metabolism and enhanced biological action.
Academic Article Evidence for the presence of somatostatin 28 in plasma.
Academic Article Plasma somatostatin 28 increases in response to feeding in man.
Academic Article Responses of somatostatin components to oral glucose in human plasma.
Academic Article A familial glucagonoma syndrome: genetic, clinical and biochemical features.
Academic Article Hepatic and renal metabolism of somatostatin-like immunoreactivity. Simultaneous assessment in the dog.
Academic Article Pancreatic hormone profiles and metabolism posthepatectomy in the dog. Evidence for a hepatotrophic role of insulin, glucagon, and pancreatic polypeptide.
Academic Article Calculated pattern of intraportal insulin appearance without independent assessment of C-peptide kinetics.
Academic Article Long-term follow-up of canine segmental pancreatic autografts.
Academic Article Glucagon does not increase plasma free fatty acid and glycerol concentrations in patients with noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Lack of direct inhibition of insulin secretion by exogenous insulin in the canine pancreas.

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