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Academic Article ACL impingement prediction based on MRI scans of individual knees.
Academic Article Arthroscopic distal clavicle resection: a biomechanical analysis of resection length and joint compliance in a cadaveric model.
Academic Article Effect of bracing on dynamic patellofemoral contact mechanics.
Academic Article Biomechanical analysis of bursal-sided partial thickness rotator cuff tears.
Academic Article Different roles of the medial and lateral hamstrings in unloading the anterior cruciate ligament.
Academic Article Evaluation of repair of the hip labrum under simulated full weight-bearing.
Academic Article Tibiofemoral Contact Mechanics With Horizontal Cleavage Tears and Treatment of the Lateral Meniscus in the Human Knee: An In Vitro Cadaver Study.
Academic Article The biomechanics of the supraspinatus-deficient shoulder treated with superior capsular reconstruction vs. reverse total shoulder arthroplasty-experimental study.
Academic Article Biomechanical effects of superior capsular reconstruction in a rotator cuff-deficient shoulder: a cadaveric study.
Academic Article Long Head of the Biceps Autograft Performs Biomechanically Similar to Human Dermal Allograft for Superior Capsule Reconstruction After Rotator Cuff Tear.
Academic Article Comparative study of locking neutralization plate construct versus tension band wiring with a cannulated screw for patella fractures: experimental and finite element analysis.
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