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Concept Histocompatibility Antigens Class II
Concept Histocompatibility Antigens
Concept Histocompatibility Antigens Class I
Concept Minor Histocompatibility Antigens
Academic Article The 2.5 Å structure of CD1c in complex with a mycobacterial lipid reveals an open groove ideally suited for diverse antigen presentation.
Academic Article A novel, nonclassical MHC class I molecule specific to the common chimpanzee.
Academic Article Analysis of a successful immune response against hepatitis C virus.
Academic Article Peptides bound endogenously by HLA-Cw*0304 expressed in LCL 721.221 cells include a peptide derived from HLA-E.
Academic Article Structure of an autoimmune T cell receptor complexed with class II peptide-MHC: insights into MHC bias and antigen specificity.
Academic Article Antigen recognition determinants of gammadelta T cell receptors.
Academic Article How the T cell receptor sees antigen--a structural view.
Academic Article Linkage of Patr-AL to Patr-A and- B in the major histocompatibility complex of the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes).
Academic Article Structural elucidation of the m157 mouse cytomegalovirus ligand for Ly49 natural killer cell receptors.
Academic Article An autonomous CDR3delta is sufficient for recognition of the nonclassical MHC class I molecules T10 and T22 by gammadelta T cells.
Academic Article The molecular basis for Mucosal-Associated Invariant T cell recognition of MR1 proteins.
Academic Article Although divergent in residues of the peptide binding site, conserved chimpanzee Patr-AL and polymorphic human HLA-A*02 have overlapping peptide-binding repertoires.
Academic Article Structure of a gammadelta T cell receptor in complex with the nonclassical MHC T22.
Academic Article Diverse antigen presentation by the Group 1 CD1 molecule, CD1c.
Academic Article The adaptable major histocompatibility complex (MHC) fold: structure and function of nonclassical and MHC class I-like molecules.
Academic Article MAIT recognition of a stimulatory bacterial antigen bound to MR1.
Academic Article MR1-restricted mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells respond to mycobacterial vaccination and infection in nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Human Leukocyte Antigen F Presents Peptides and Regulates Immunity through Interactions with NK Cell Receptors.
Academic Article Identification of Natural Regulatory T Cell Epitopes Reveals Convergence on a Dominant Autoantigen.
Academic Article MR1 displays the microbial metabolome driving selective MR1-restricted T cell receptor usage.
Academic Article Casting a wider net: Immunosurveillance by nonclassical MHC molecules.
Academic Article TCR-pMHC bond conformation controls TCR ligand discrimination.
Academic Article MAIT cells are imprinted by the microbiota in early life and promote tissue repair.
Academic Article Production of MR1 Tetramers Loaded with Microbial Ligands.
Academic Article Altered selection on a single self-ligand promotes susceptibility to organ-specific T cell infiltration.
Academic Article Deaza-modification of MR1 ligands modulates recognition by MR1-restricted T cells.
Academic Article Multiple Isomers of Photolumazine V Bind MR1 and Differentially Activate MAIT Cells.
Academic Article Delivery of loaded MR1 monomer results in efficient ligand exchange to host MR1 and subsequent MR1T cell activation.
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