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Concept Nicotine
Academic Article Association of Electronic Cigarette Use With Initiation of Combustible Tobacco Product Smoking in Early Adolescence.
Academic Article Psychiatric comorbidity in adolescent electronic and conventional cigarette use.
Academic Article Effects of sweet flavorings and nicotine on the appeal and sensory properties of e-cigarettes among young adult vapers: Application of a novel methodology.
Academic Article Electronic cigarette retailers use Pokémon Go to market products.
Academic Article Anhedonia and Abstinence as Predictors of the Subjective Pleasantness of Positive, Negative, and Smoking-Related Pictures.
Academic Article Ovarian Hormones and Transdermal Nicotine Administration Independently and Synergistically Suppress Tobacco Withdrawal Symptoms and Smoking Reinstatement in the Human Laboratory.
Academic Article Monitoring Tobacco Brand Websites to Understand Marketing Strategies Aimed at Tobacco Product Users and Potential Users.
Academic Article Return of cartoon to market e-cigarette-related products.
Academic Article Initial application of a human laboratory model for estimating the motivational substitutability of e-cigarettes for combustible cigarettes.
Academic Article Characterising KandyPens-related posts to Instagram: implications for nicotine and cannabis use.
Academic Article Cartoon-based e-cigarette marketing: Associations with susceptibility to use and perceived expectations of use.
Academic Article Effects of non-tobacco flavors and nicotine on e-cigarette product appeal among young adult never, former, and current smokers.
Academic Article Flavored E-cigarette Use and Progression of Vaping in Adolescents.
Academic Article Sensory attributes of e-cigarette flavours and nicotine as mediators of interproduct differences in appeal among young adults.
Academic Article Effectiveness of transdermal nicotine patch in premenopausal female smokers is moderated by within-subject severity of negative affect and physical symptoms.
Academic Article E-cigarette device power moderates the effects of non-tobacco flavors and nicotine on product appeal in young adults.

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