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Concept Mice, Inbred BALB C
Academic Article IFN-gamma production is specifically regulated by IL-10 in mice made tolerant with anti-CD40 ligand antibody and intact active bone.
Academic Article The immunobiology of inductive anti-CD40L therapy in transplantation: allograft acceptance is not dependent upon the deletion of graft-reactive T cells.
Academic Article Anti-CD40L monoclonal antibody treatment induces long-term, tissue-specific, immunologic hyporesponsiveness to peripheral nerve allografts.
Academic Article IL-12 p40 homodimer-dependent macrophage chemotaxis and respiratory viral inflammation are mediated through IL-12 receptor beta 1.
Academic Article Recipient-derived EDA fibronectin promotes cardiac allograft fibrosis.
Academic Article Short-term anti-CD40 ligand costimulatory blockade induces tolerance to peripheral nerve allografts, resulting in improved skeletal muscle function.
Academic Article Transient blockade of delta-like Notch ligands prevents allograft rejection mediated by cellular and humoral mechanisms in a mouse model of heart transplantation.
Academic Article New insights on OX40 in the control of T cell immunity and immune tolerance in vivo.
Academic Article IL-6 promotes cardiac graft rejection mediated by CD4+ cells.
Academic Article CD8+ Th17 mediate costimulation blockade-resistant allograft rejection in T-bet-deficient mice.
Academic Article Transforming growth factor-beta1 gene transfer is associated with the development of regulatory cells.
Academic Article Role of T cell TGFbeta signaling and IL-17 in allograft acceptance and fibrosis associated with chronic rejection.
Academic Article TGFbeta neutralization within cardiac allografts by decorin gene transfer attenuates chronic rejection.
Academic Article OX40 costimulation prevents allograft acceptance induced by CD40-CD40L blockade.
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