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Concept DNA Nucleotidyltransferases
Concept Nucleotidyltransferases
Academic Article Protein-protein interactions directing resolvase site-specific recombination: a structure-function analysis.
Academic Article Retroviral integrases and their cousins.
Academic Article Crystal structure of a Flp recombinase-Holliday junction complex: assembly of an active oligomer by helix swapping.
Academic Article Structural plasticity of the Flp-Holliday junction complex.
Academic Article New insight into site-specific recombination from Flp recombinase-DNA structures.
Academic Article Sin resolvase catalytic activity and oligomerization state are tightly coupled.
Academic Article Identification of a potential general acid/base in the reversible phosphoryl transfer reactions catalyzed by tyrosine recombinases: Flp H305.
Academic Article Regulatory mutations in Sin recombinase support a structure-based model of the synaptosome.
Academic Article Structural basis for catalytic activation of a serine recombinase.
Academic Article Moving DNA around: DNA transposition and retroviral integration.
Academic Article Structure of the bacteriophage Mu transposase core: a common structural motif for DNA transposition and retroviral integration.
Academic Article Binding and catalytic contributions to site recognition by flp recombinase.
Academic Article Architecture of a serine recombinase-DNA regulatory complex.
Academic Article The phage Mu transpososome core: DNA requirements for assembly and function.
Academic Article The role of the conserved Trp330 in Flp-mediated recombination. Functional and structural analysis.
Academic Article Orchestrating serine resolvases.
Academic Article Snapshots of a molecular swivel in action.
Academic Article The protein-protein interactions required for assembly of the Tn3 resolution synapse.

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