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Academic Article Thyrotropin regulation by thyroid hormone in thyroid hormone receptor beta-deficient mice.
Academic Article Mice deficient in the steroid receptor co-activator 1 (SRC-1) are resistant to thyroid hormone.
Academic Article Steroid receptor coactivator-1 deficiency causes variable alterations in the modulation of T(3)-regulated transcription of genes in vivo.
Academic Article Specificity of thyroid hormone receptor subtype and steroid receptor coactivator-1 on thyroid hormone action.
Academic Article Thyroid function in mice with compound heterozygous and homozygous disruptions of SRC-1 and TIF-2 coactivators: evidence for haploinsufficiency.
Academic Article RXR receptor agonist suppression of thyroid function: central effects in the absence of thyroid hormone receptor.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone and cardiac function in mice deficient in thyroid hormone receptor-alpha or -beta: an echocardiograph study.
Academic Article Effects of ligand and thyroid hormone receptor isoforms on hepatic gene expression profiles of thyroid hormone receptor knockout mice.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone receptor subtypes and their interaction with steroid receptor coactivators.
Academic Article Partial deficiency of thyroid transcription factor 1 produces predominantly neurological defects in humans and mice.
Academic Article Abnormalities of the hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid axis in the pro-opiomelanocortin deficient mouse.
Academic Article Regulation of expression of thyroid hormone receptor isoforms and coactivators in liver and heart by thyroid hormone.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone excess rather than thyrotropin deficiency induces osteoporosis in hyperthyroidism.
Academic Article Effects of maternal levels of thyroid hormone (TH) on the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid set point: studies in TH receptor beta knockout mice.
Academic Article A thyroid hormone analog with reduced dependence on the monocarboxylate transporter 8 for tissue transport.
Academic Article Regulation of nuclear coactivator and corepressor expression in mouse cerebellum by thyroid hormone.
Academic Article Mice deficient in MCT8 reveal a mechanism regulating thyroid hormone secretion.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone receptor a and regulation of type 3 deiodinase.
Academic Article A lack of thyroid hormones rather than excess thyrotropin causes abnormal skeletal development in hypothyroidism.
Academic Article Role of type 2 deiodinase in response to acute lung injury (ALI) in mice.
Academic Article TSH compensates thyroid-specific IGF-I receptor knockout and causes papillary thyroid hyperplasia.
Academic Article In vivo interaction of steroid receptor coactivator (SRC)-1 and the activation function-2 domain of the thyroid hormone receptor (TR) beta in TRbeta E457A knock-in and SRC-1 knockout mice.
Academic Article Increased sensitivity to thyroid hormone in mice with complete deficiency of thyroid hormone receptor alpha.
Academic Article Genetic analysis reveals different functions for the products of the thyroid hormone receptor alpha locus.
Academic Article Temperature homeostasis in transgenic mice lacking thyroid hormone receptor-alpha gene products.
Academic Article Tissue-specific thyroid hormone deprivation and excess in monocarboxylate transporter (mct) 8-deficient mice.
Academic Article Delayed development of specific thyroid hormone-regulated events in transthyretin null mice.
Academic Article Changes in thyroid status during perinatal development of MCT8-deficient male mice.
Academic Article Placenta passage of the thyroid hormone analog DITPA to male wild-type and Mct8-deficient mice.
Academic Article Mct8-deficient mice have increased energy expenditure and reduced fat mass that is abrogated by normalization of serum T3 levels.
Academic Article The Thyroid Hormone Analog DITPA Ameliorates Metabolic Parameters of Male Mice With Mct8 Deficiency.
Academic Article Adeno Associated Virus 9-Based Gene Therapy Delivers a Functional Monocarboxylate Transporter 8, Improving Thyroid Hormone Availability to the Brain of Mct8-Deficient Mice.
Academic Article Fetal Exposure to High Maternal Thyroid Hormone Levels Causes Central Resistance to Thyroid Hormone in Adult Humans and Mice.
Academic Article An Essential Physiological Role for MCT8 in Bone in Male Mice.
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