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Concept Rec A Recombinases
Concept Rad51 Recombinase
Academic Article Pilot study examining tumor expression of RAD51 and clinical outcomes in human head cancers.
Academic Article A chemical compound that stimulates the human homologous recombination protein RAD51.
Academic Article Stimulation of the human RAD51 nucleofilament restricts HIV-1 integration in vitro and in infected cells.
Academic Article RI-1: a chemical inhibitor of RAD51 that disrupts homologous recombination in human cells.
Academic Article An optimized RAD51 inhibitor that disrupts homologous recombination without requiring Michael acceptor reactivity.
Academic Article Real-time solution measurement of RAD51- and RecA-mediated strand assimilation without background annealing.
Academic Article RAD54 family translocases counter genotoxic effects of RAD51 in human tumor cells.
Academic Article The RAD51-stimulatory compound RS-1 can exploit the RAD51 overexpression that exists in cancer cells and tumors.
Academic Article Dual and Opposite Effects of hRAD51 Chemical Modulation on HIV-1 Integration.
Academic Article Development of Small Molecules that Specifically Inhibit the D-loop Activity of RAD51.
Academic Article Recent Developments Using Small Molecules to Target RAD51: How to Best Modulate RAD51 for Anticancer Therapy?
Academic Article Optimization of Drug Candidates That Inhibit the D-Loop Activity of RAD51.
Academic Article Mechanisms of distinctive mismatch tolerance between Rad51 and Dmc1 in homologous recombination.
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