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Concept GTP Phosphohydrolases
Concept GTPase-Activating Proteins
Academic Article Central spindle assembly and cytokinesis require a kinesin-like protein/RhoGAP complex with microtubule bundling activity.
Academic Article GTP binding induces filament assembly of a recombinant septin.
Academic Article Mammalian septins nomenclature.
Academic Article Cytokinesis: a logical GAP.
Academic Article Cytokinesis: GAP gap.
Academic Article Sequential Cyk-4 binding to ECT2 and FIP3 regulates cleavage furrow ingression and abscission during cytokinesis.
Academic Article Clustering of centralspindlin is essential for its accumulation to the central spindle and the midbody.
Academic Article Centralspindlin: at the heart of cytokinesis.
Academic Article Cooperative assembly of CYK-4/MgcRacGAP and ZEN-4/MKLP1 to form the centralspindlin complex.
Academic Article Polo-like kinase 1 directs assembly of the HsCyk-4 RhoGAP/Ect2 RhoGEF complex to initiate cleavage furrow formation.
Academic Article Cytokinesis: centralspindlin moonlights as a membrane anchor.
Academic Article The RhoGAP activity of CYK-4/MgcRacGAP functions non-canonically by promoting RhoA activation during cytokinesis.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal Regulation of RhoA during Cytokinesis.
Grant Spatial and temporal control of Rho family GTPases
Grant Positioning the Plane of Cell Division During Cytokinesis
Academic Article The mechanism and control of cytokinesis.
Academic Article Cell polarity. The importance of being polar.
Academic Article CYK-4: A Rho family gtpase activating protein (GAP) required for central spindle formation and cytokinesis.
Academic Article A requirement for Rho and Cdc42 during cytokinesis in Xenopus embryos.
Academic Article Small GTPases modulate intrinsic and extrinsic forces that control epithelial folding in Drosophila embryos.
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