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Concept Microtubule-Associated Proteins
Academic Article Cytokinesis: a logical GAP.
Academic Article Cell cycle regulation of central spindle assembly.
Academic Article Polo-like kinase 1 triggers the initiation of cytokinesis in human cells by promoting recruitment of the RhoGEF Ect2 to the central spindle.
Academic Article An ECT2-centralspindlin complex regulates the localization and function of RhoA.
Academic Article Centralspindlin: at the heart of cytokinesis.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of ZEN-4/MKLP1 by aurora B regulates completion of cytokinesis.
Academic Article Cooperative assembly of CYK-4/MgcRacGAP and ZEN-4/MKLP1 to form the centralspindlin complex.
Academic Article The 3Ms of central spindle assembly: microtubules, motors and MAPs.
Academic Article Cytokinesis: centralspindlin moonlights as a membrane anchor.
Academic Article Aurora B kinase promotes cytokinesis by inducing centralspindlin oligomers that associate with the plasma membrane.
Academic Article Local RhoA activation induces cytokinetic furrows independent of spindle position and cell cycle stage.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal Regulation of RhoA during Cytokinesis.
Academic Article Depletion of syntaxins in the early Caenorhabditis elegans embryo reveals a role for membrane fusion events in cytokinesis.
Academic Article PLK1 plays dual roles in centralspindlin regulation during cytokinesis.
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