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Concept Motion Perception
Concept Loudness Perception
Concept Visual Perception
Concept Speech Perception
Concept Space Perception
Concept Pain Perception
Concept Form Perception
Concept Social Perception
Academic Article Identifying differences in biased affective information processing in major depression.
Academic Article Amygdala and orbitofrontal reactivity to social threat in individuals with impulsive aggression.
Academic Article How do depressed and healthy adults interpret nuanced facial expressions?
Academic Article Attributional and emotional responses to socially ambiguous cues: validation of a new assessment of social/emotional information processing in healthy adults and impulsive aggressive patients.
Academic Article Cognitive representations and processes in arithmetic: inferences from the performance of brain-damaged subjects.
Academic Article The relationship between intentional self-injurious behavior and the loudness dependence of auditory evoked potential in research volunteers.
Academic Article Shared versus separate processes for letter and digit identification.
Academic Article Subjective pain during NSSI as an active agent in suicide risk.
Academic Article Neural representation of object orientation: A dissociation between MVPA and Repetition Suppression.
Academic Article Spatial representations and multiple-visual-systems hypotheses: evidence from a developmental deficit in visual location and orientation processing.
Academic Article Lack of awareness despite complex visual processing: Evidence from event-related potentials in a case of selective metamorphopsia.

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