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Concept Psychiatric Status Rating Scales
Academic Article Acute tryptophan depletion and self-injurious behavior in aggressive patients and healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Subtyping dietary restraint and negative affect in a longitudinal community sample of girls.
Academic Article Latent structure of intermittent explosive disorder in an epidemiological sample.
Academic Article Unhealthy aggression: intermittent explosive disorder and adverse physical health outcomes.
Academic Article Perceived threat mediates the relationship between psychosis proneness and aggressive behavior.
Academic Article Evaluation of behavioral impulsivity and aggression tasks as endophenotypes for borderline personality disorder.
Academic Article Nonsuicidal self-injury: relationship to behavioral and self-rating measures of impulsivity and self-aggression.
Academic Article Morphometric analysis of amygdla and hippocampus shape in impulsively aggressive and healthy control subjects.
Academic Article The Development of a Measure to Assess Social Reactions to Self-Injury Disclosure.
Grant SSRIs and Self-harm in Borderline Personality Disorder
Grant Validation of an fMRI measure of Real Time Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
Grant Validation of a Laboratory Measure of Self-Aggression
Grant Individual Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy for IED
Grant Prevention of Substance Abuse and Problem Behaviors in High-Risk Adolescents
Grant Effects of acute alcohol intoxication on physically aggressive behavior in women
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