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Concept Cell Polarity
Academic Article Apical beta 1 integrin in polarized MDCK cells mediates tubulocyst formation in response to type I collagen overlay.
Academic Article An antiglycolipid antibody inhibits Madin-Darby canine kidney cell adhesion to laminin and interferes with basolateral polarization and tight junction formation.
Academic Article Polarity, integrin, and extracellular matrix dynamics in the postischemic rat kidney.
Academic Article Integrins in epithelial cell polarity: using antibodies to analyze adhesive function and morphogenesis.
Academic Article Regulated synthesis and functions of laminin 5 in polarized madin-darby canine kidney epithelial cells.
Academic Article Cell polarity and epithelial oncogenesis.
Academic Article Laminin 511 partners with laminin 332 to mediate directional migration of Madin-Darby canine kidney epithelial cells.
Academic Article Integrin expression and localization in normal MDCK cells and transformed MDCK cells lacking apical polarity.
Academic Article W(h)ither default? Sorting and polarization in epithelial cells.
Academic Article Beta1-integrin orients epithelial polarity via Rac1 and laminin.
Academic Article Laminins in Epithelial Cell Polarization: Old Questions in Search of New Answers.
Academic Article BAMBI is a novel HIF1-dependent modulator of TGFß-mediated disruption of cell polarity during hypoxia.
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