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Academic Article Structural dynamics of the Streptomyces lividans K+ channel (SKC1): secondary structure characterization from FTIR spectroscopy.
Academic Article Three-dimensional architecture and gating mechanism of a K+ channel studied by EPR spectroscopy.
Academic Article Structural dynamics of the Streptomyces lividans K+ channel (SKC1): oligomeric stoichiometry and stability.
Academic Article Structure of the KcsA channel intracellular gate in the open state.
Academic Article Site-directed spin-labeling analysis of reconstituted Mscl in the closed state.
Academic Article Molecular basis of gating charge immobilization in Shaker potassium channels.
Academic Article Electrostatic interaction of a K+ channel RCK domain with charged membrane surfaces.
Academic Article Asymmetry in the structure of the ABC transporter-binding protein complex BtuCD-BtuF.
Academic Article Molecular determinants of gating at the potassium-channel selectivity filter.
Academic Article Design and characterization of a constitutively open KcsA.
Academic Article A designer ligand specific for Kv1.3 channels from a scorpion neurotoxin-based library.
Academic Article Crystal structure of full-length KcsA in its closed conformation.
Academic Article A multipoint hydrogen-bond network underlying KcsA C-type inactivation.
Academic Article S4 mutations alter gating currents of Shaker K channels.
Academic Article Purification and reconstitution of functional Shaker K+ channels assayed with a light-driven voltage-control system.
Academic Article Three-dimensional architecture of membrane-embedded MscS in the closed conformation.
Academic Article Structural dynamics of an isolated voltage-sensor domain in a lipid bilayer.
Academic Article Expression, purification, and reconstitution of the voltage-sensing domain from Ci-VSP.
Academic Article Importance of lipid-pore loop interface for potassium channel structure and function.
Academic Article Structural mechanism of voltage-dependent gating in an isolated voltage-sensing domain.
Academic Article A repulsion mechanism explains magnesium permeation and selectivity in CorA.
Academic Article Resting state of the human proton channel dimer in a lipid bilayer.
Academic Article Role of human Hv1 channels in sperm capacitation and white blood cell respiratory burst established by a designed peptide inhibitor.
Academic Article Structural Dynamics of the MscL C-terminal Domain.
Academic Article Direct activation of the proton channel by albumin leads to human sperm capacitation and sustained release of inflammatory mediators by neutrophils.

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