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Concept Protein Conformation
Academic Article Three-dimensional architecture and gating mechanism of a K+ channel studied by EPR spectroscopy.
Academic Article Structure of the KcsA channel intracellular gate in the open state.
Academic Article Structural rearrangements underlying K+-channel activation gating.
Academic Article New structural perspectives on K(+) channel gating.
Academic Article Structural biology. Force and voltage sensors in one structure.
Academic Article Calculation of rigid-body conformational changes using restraint-driven Cartesian transformations.
Academic Article Gating prokaryotic mechanosensitive channels.
Academic Article Voltage-dependent gating at the KcsA selectivity filter.
Academic Article An optimized purification and reconstitution method for the MscS channel: strategies for spectroscopical analysis.
Academic Article Asymmetry in the structure of the ABC transporter-binding protein complex BtuCD-BtuF.
Academic Article Distinct gate conformations of the ABC transporter BtuCD revealed by electron spin resonance spectroscopy and chemical cross-linking.
Academic Article Molecular determinants of gating at the potassium-channel selectivity filter.
Academic Article Design and characterization of a constitutively open KcsA.
Academic Article Structural basis for the coupling between activation and inactivation gates in K(+) channels.
Academic Article Ion conduction through MscS as determined by electrophysiology and simulation.
Academic Article Mechanism of activation gating in the full-length KcsA K+ channel.
Academic Article Structural refinement of membrane proteins by restrained molecular dynamics and solvent accessibility data.
Academic Article A structural mechanism for MscS gating in lipid bilayers.
Academic Article The activated state of a sodium channel voltage sensor in a membrane environment.
Academic Article An emerging consensus on voltage-dependent gating from computational modeling and molecular dynamics simulations.
Academic Article Thermodynamic coupling between activation and inactivation gating in potassium channels revealed by free energy molecular dynamics simulations.
Academic Article S4 mutations alter gating currents of Shaker K channels.
Academic Article Three-dimensional architecture of membrane-embedded MscS in the closed conformation.
Academic Article Molecular architecture of the KvAP voltage-dependent K+ channel in a lipid bilayer.
Academic Article Explicit treatment of spin labels in modeling of distance constraints from dipolar EPR and DEER.
Academic Article Molecular driving forces determining potassium channel slow inactivation.
Academic Article Structural mechanism of C-type inactivation in K(+) channels.
Academic Article Structural dynamics of the magnesium-bound conformation of CorA in a lipid bilayer.
Academic Article Protein conformational dynamics in the mechanism of HIV-1 protease catalysis.
Academic Article Recovery from slow inactivation in K+ channels is controlled by water molecules.
Academic Article Importance of lipid-pore loop interface for potassium channel structure and function.
Academic Article Dynamics transitions at the outer vestibule of the KcsA potassium channel during gating.
Academic Article Conformational dynamics at the inner gate of KcsA during activation.
Academic Article Conformational Chaperones for Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins Using Antibody Phage Display with Nanodiscs.
Academic Article Instantaneous ion configurations in the K+ ion channel selectivity filter revealed by 2D IR spectroscopy.
Academic Article Chemical substitutions in the selectivity filter of potassium channels do not rule out constricted-like conformations for C-type inactivation.
Academic Article The gating cycle of a K+ channel at atomic resolution.
Academic Article Never at rest: insights into the conformational dynamics of ion channels from cryo-electron microscopy.
Academic Article De novo GRIN variants in NMDA receptor M2 channel pore-forming loop are associated with neurological diseases.
Academic Article Real time dynamics of Gating-Related conformational changes in CorA.
Academic Article Electromechanical coupling in the hyperpolarization-activated K+ channel KAT1.
Academic Article Computational study of non-conductive selectivity filter conformations and C-type inactivation in a voltage-dependent potassium channel.
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