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Concept Photosensitizing Agents
Academic Article Topical photodynamic therapy in dermatology.
Academic Article Ultrastructural changes in PAM cells after photodynamic treatment with delta-aminolevulinic acid-induced porphyrins or photosan.
Academic Article Pegylation of a chlorin(e6) polymer conjugate increases tumor targeting of photosensitizer.
Academic Article Differentiation enhances aminolevulinic acid-dependent photodynamic treatment of LNCaP prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Tumor cell lines resistant to ALA-mediated photodynamic therapy and possible tools to target surviving cells.
Academic Article Targeted optical imaging and photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Targeting of sebocytes by aminolevulinic acid-dependent photosensitization.
Academic Article Biomodulatory approaches to photodynamic therapy for solid tumors.
Academic Article Methotrexate used in combination with aminolaevulinic acid for photodynamic killing of prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Bullous pemphigoid induced by PUVA therapy.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy with systemic administration of photosensitizers in dermatology.
Academic Article BPD-MA-mediated photosensitization in vitro and in vivo: cellular adhesion and beta1 integrin expression in ovarian cancer cells.
Academic Article Advances in photodynamic therapy. A review.
Academic Article Adjuvants that Empower the Action of Photodynamic Therapy.
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