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Concept Radiation-Sensitizing Agents
Academic Article Inhibition of protein kinases sensitizes human tumor cells to ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Virally directed cytosine deaminase/5-fluorocytosine gene therapy enhances radiation response in human cancer xenografts.
Academic Article Decreasing the apoptotic threshold of tumor cells through protein kinase C inhibition and sphingomyelinase activation increases tumor killing by ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Radiogenetic therapy: on the interaction of viral therapy and ionizing radiation for improving local control of tumors.
Academic Article Strategies for enhancing viral-based gene therapy using ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Role of gene therapy in radiation oncology.
Academic Article Blockage of the vascular endothelial growth factor stress response increases the antitumor effects of ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Xrcc3 is required for assembly of Rad51 complexes in vivo.
Academic Article Hydroxyurea with concomitant radiotherapy for locally advanced head and neck cancer.
Academic Article Prospects for viral-based strategies enhancing the anti-tumor effects of ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Translational strategies exploiting TNF-alpha that sensitize tumors to radiation therapy.
Academic Article Blockade of tumor necrosis factor alpha signaling in tumor-associated macrophages as a radiosensitizing strategy.
Academic Article Radiobiologic research for head and neck cancer therapy. Therapeutic implications.
Academic Article Radiation-inducible immunotherapy for cancer: senescent tumor cells as a cancer vaccine.
Academic Article Everolimus exhibits efficacy as a radiosensitizer in a model of non-small cell lung cancer.
Academic Article A phase I dose escalation study of Ad GV.EGR.TNF.11D (TNFeradeā„¢ Biologic) with concurrent chemoradiotherapy in patients with recurrent head and neck cancer undergoing reirradiation.
Academic Article Adenoviral transduction of human acid sphingomyelinase into neo-angiogenic endothelium radiosensitizes tumor cure.
Academic Article Repurposing cephalosporin antibiotics as pro-senescent radiosensitizers.

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