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Concept Ataxia Telangiectasia
Concept Telangiectasis
Academic Article Prolonged c-jun expression in irradiated ataxia telangiectasia fibroblasts.
Academic Article Radiation's outer limits.
Academic Article Defective reactivation of ultraviolet light-irradiated herpesvirus by a Bloom's syndrome fibroblast strain.
Academic Article Response of human fibroblasts to low dose rate gamma irradiation.
Academic Article Deficient recovery from potentially lethal radiation damage in ataxia telengiectasia and xeroderma pigmentosum.
Academic Article The role of DNA repair processes in the response of human tumors to fractionated radiotherapy.
Academic Article Defective induction of stress-activated protein kinase activity in ataxia-telangiectasia cells exposed to ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Familial retinoblastoma and ataxia telangiectasia: human models for the study of DNA damage and repair.
Academic Article Glioblastoma cells block radiation-induced programmed cell death of endothelial cells.
Academic Article The repair of potentially lethal damage in x-irradiated cultures of normal and ataxia telangiectasia human fibroblasts.
Academic Article Small molecule derived from a natural product that mitigates radiation injury.
Academic Article S-phase-dependent p50/NF-?B1 phosphorylation in response to ATR and replication stress acts to maintain genomic stability.
Concept Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated Proteins
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